eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Fashion Classification Mandates

Fashion Classification Mandates :: July 20th :: Affects US / UK / DE Did you know that in the eBay fashion categories, more than 40% of eligible listings lacked size, nearly 20% excluded Brand, and more than 50% currently exclude colour! So, it’s no surprise eBay are mandating key item specifics to unlock this massive sales potential being missed by so many Sellers on eBay. This will critically improve the eBay shoppers buying experience and increase sales. Key Highlights From 20th July, item specific details will be required for all new and revised listings in Fashion Items that fail to meet these new definitions by July 20th will be ended As a seller, how does this help me? Buyers will… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Category and Items Specifics Update

Category and Items Specifics eBay Update :: Affects US | UK |DE From August, Sellers can enjoy increased sales with improved product find and search as more categories are refined on eBay. Customers will be able to find relevant products quicker and easier so Sellers can enjoy increased exposure and those all important words, ‘more sales!’. Key Highlights Category Changes: Tickets Category, will be expanded and aligned with the new eBay catalogue Coins Category, will receive additions, renames and category rollups in US coins. There will also be additions in World Coins and New Medieval Coins MP3 Player Accessories Category, will receive additions, renames and category roll‐ups. Comics Category, will receive rollups in favour of custom item specifics and a few new additions… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Title Expansion Update!

eBay Title Expansion Excitingly, eBay are going to increase the space available for product title descriptions! This means, you’ll have more space to accurately and professionally describe your items, therefore increasing your product exposure, buyer confidence and resulting in more sales for you! Key Highlights Product Listing Titles are now being increased from 55 characters to 80 characters This update does not affect sub‐title or any other fields Buyers can now use more title keywords to better narrow searches and find their desired products Introduced from October 1st 2011 As a seller, how does this help me? As a seller, you will be able to maximise your listing exposure by using more words to fully and more accurately describe your… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Links Policy Update, Coming Very Soon!

Links Policy Update, Helping Sellers and Buyers eBay’s current ‘Links Policy’ has created many problems for Sellers, and created even more risks for buyers.These risks have reduced buyer confidence and decreased sales for many fair Sellers on eBay. So it comes as no surprise that eBay are updating their ‘Links Policy’, to provide a safer and more consistent buying experience on eBay. Key Highlights Policy Enforcement: eBay will block any listings with violations before they go live, reducing seller hassles and frustrations Buyers will not see violating listings Sellers will not accidentally violate the policy New links eBay will not allow: Personal email addresses (e.g. smithcomputers@gmail.com) Links which cannot be tracked (e.g. Shortened URLS like bit.ly and Non‐click able web… Read more »

Returns Policy Update :: August 2011

Customer Service and Buyer Confidence In efforts to better meet buyer expectations and increase your sales, eBay are streamlining the seller return options. Buyers will be able to enjoy a simplified return policy with improved clarity. Key Highlights • Return window default changed from “7 days” to “14 days” • Return options “3 days” and “7 days” will be removed streamlining return policies • Refund methods “Merchandise Credit” and “Exchange” will be removed and replaced with “Money back or exchange” • Clarification on “no returns accepted” • These field options are Available from the 15th August 2011 • These options will become mandatory from January 2012 As a seller, how does this help me? Balancing DSR’s is vitally important to… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: What it means to you?

As a fantastic result of eBay changes in 2011, Top Rated Sellers have enjoyed a massive increase of up to 15% in sales! And with the latest updates in SR11.2, things are looking to get even better! So what’s it all about? SR11.2 is about providing the best quality service to eBay buyers whilst increasing customer loyalty and increasing your sales. Sellers can enjoy maximum product exposure whilst working with transparent policies to reduce accidental Seller violations. As part of our great service, Frooition, the World’s Largest eBay Designers, have produced this collection of articles to help you understand the latest eBay Seller Release 11.2. What’s Changing? Returns Policy Update Links Policy Update Title Expansion Update Category and Item Specifics… Read more »

eBay Spring 2011 Fee Changes: Two months on

It’s been two months since eBay changed the fee schedule for business sellers, and since then they’ve also altered the fees for private sellers. Private sellers will now pay a flat 10% in almost all categories capped at £40.00, which now matches the auction fess that they pay. Media reaction to the business seller fee change was muted, whilst The Metro carried a scathing piece on the private seller fee increase claiming that eBay’s plan to raise sales fees could leave sellers out of pocket. “In truth most private sellers are unaware of the fee structure and simply glad to convert their unwanted possessions into cash” In truth most private sellers are unaware of the fee structure and simply glad… Read more »

Are you there? PeSA 2011 ‘Down Under’

Are you there? Visiting ‘Down-Under’ in July, all of us at Frooition are truly excited to be hosting our first exhibit in Australia! We’re attending the Professional eBay and Ecommerce Sellers Internet Conference (PeSA) at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 21st and 22nd July. The event will have many exciting attendees discussing the latest on eBay and eCommerce including Deborah Sharkey (Managing Director eBay Australia & New Zealand), John Lawson (CEO of Online Urban Clothing), Mark Gray (Managing Director of Channel Advisor Australia), Andrew Main (Co-Founder Frooition) and many more so it will come as no surprise this is set to be the biggest PeSA Event to date! You will be able to find us on… Read more »

eBay Category Feature Finder

eBay Category Feature Finder To help eBay Sellers everywhere, we’ve created this fantastic FREE tool! This tool will help you get the most out of eBay. In addition, with the upcoming July changes to eBay categories, you’ll be able to see exactly what you need for each product listing! “This tool is a brilliant solution to the latest eBay Changes, acting as guidance and support with the new Category Updates” Key Highlights Find product listing requirements for any eBay category Filter for required Item Specifics, Multi-variations, mandatory Item Conditions, Product Catalogue Availability, and Parts Compatibility Dynamically updates with new eBay changes Works with all eBay sites and Countries All in a single web page for intuitive and easy use You… Read more »

Profit by taking ownership of your brand, your products and your customers

  Profit by taking ownership of your brand, your products and your customers   Building a great business online has many challenges, and with technology increasing the readiness of information and society becoming increasingly impatient, being remembered will make all the difference between success and failure. In order to get ahead of rival online businesses, you must become memorable and stand out from the crowd: – Own your brand: In today’s multi-channel environment where shoppers loyalty can best be described as fickle, having a recognizable brand that clearly reflects your company’s values will define your customers confidence. Ensure you branding is consistent across all your business and marketing channels to increase your brand exposure and recognition. – Own your products: Whether… Read more »