5 Strategies To Retain Customers and Sell More On eBay

I’ve been working in the eCommerce industry for a number of years now. I’ve trained, run and improved countless businesses on eBay along the way. This article comes more out of frustration than anything else. There are too many “average sellers” out there missing opportunities to improve their business. For me as a buyer, I don’t want to be referred to as “just another sale”. Whether I walk into a brick and mortar store or purchase through your eBay shop or website, I want to be impressed, have an enjoyable experience, and be able to tell my friends and family about how great it was to buy from your business. The internet is saturated with online stores and eBay sellers.… Read more »

Item conditions are now required on eBay listings.

Since the 27th July 2010, the new item condition values will be necessary for new, relisted and revised listings in most eBay categories. If your listings do not included the item condition your new listing or revision will be blocked by eBay. This leaves sellers with a bit of a task, relist all your items from scratch to contain the item condition, or if you use sell similar to relist your items you’ll need to amend each listing to include the new item condition value or your relist will fail – Certainly a time consuming problem for sellers to face. So how can eBay sellers apply item conditions to their listings without it becoming a drain on your precious time… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 10.3

Seller Release: 10.3 Announced: 13th July Actioned: Q4 September Today eBay have officially announced Seller Release 10.3. This release will be the last Seller release of the year. Most of the features below do not come into effect until September 2010. There are a lot of features that benefit both sellers and buyers, however they will cause more work for most sellers. We have highlighted the major changes and useful information below: PayPal Required for .it and .es. eBay.it and eBay.es will have PayPal as a mandatory required payment method, bringing it inline with .co.uk and .com. Item Condition for Vehicles Listings in vehicle categories will now support the new Item Condition values & functionality (Read Our Blog Post about… Read more »

How To Word Terms & Conditions and Avoid eBay/PayPal Disputes

Terms and Conditions are one of the hardest parts of online selling to get right. Ignorance of the law is no defense and there are two main pieces of legislation which all sellers need to abide by – the Electronic Commerce Regulations and Distance Selling Regulations and the Sale of Goods Act. In general, these pieces of legislation are intended to protect consumers, so unsurprisingly they appear weighted against merchants, however by following their guidelines it’s possible to limit your liabilities so it’s worth spending the time to become familiar with them. Considerations There are four main things a buyer is concerned about when considering a purchase: What does it cost? What will the shipping cost? Can I return the… Read more »

How the UK Emergency Budget affects Online Merchants

The emergency budget was almost certainly bad news for most of the country, and few will remain unaffected although it’s intended that those with the lowest earnings will be hit least. Reductions in child tax credits will be reduced or removed for the highest paid workers and change to income tax will also assist lower paid workers with no benefit to higher rate tax payers. However the budget sets out a clear mandate for private businesses with measure to assist them, whilst there are no surprises that government spending in the public sector has been hit hard. There will be a two-year pay freeze for public sector workers earning more than £21,000, although the 1.7 million lower paid workers will… Read more »

Social Media as a Marketing Opportunity

As an eBay seller it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday graft of just keeping your operation running. You might be drowning in brown tape and jiffy bags and making sure you make it to the post office in time, but remember there’s a whole world out there. eBay is a walled garden. It’s busy and has millions of buyers for you. But there’s more to the internet than eBay. You can boost your eBay sales by marketing online. One of the most talked about opportunities is social media marketing. That means sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and other activities such as blogging. Twitter has grown phenomenally in the past year or so and is now… Read more »

Making the Most of your eBay About Me Page

Lots of eBay sellers don’t even know about their About Me page. Even fewer actually take advantage of it and make sure it is working hard for them. Building a successful eBay profile is about using all the tools eBay makes available. If you’re not using your About me page, you’re missing a trick. What IS an About me page? It’s exactly what it says it says in the tin! A page for you to tell other eBayers about yourself, your business and the things you sell. You can make and edit your About Me page via My eBay. You don’t need any special skills but if you have some coding or design experience, so much the better. Unusually for… Read more »

eBay introduce new detailed item condition functionality

eBay have introduced new values for item condition. Designed to be more descriptive and give buyers a more detailed, accurate description of the item condition. The new entries have been developed to help manage customer expectations, decrease questions and help improve DSR’s. Item condition will help customers filter searches further and improve navigation. The new options went live on the 10th of May and will become mandatory in the majority of categories on the 27th of July 2010. You may have difficulty relisting items in eBay if you have not specified an item condition. How does this affect frooition customers? Frooition have further improved the listing process within the frooition software. We have introduced a free update that moves the… Read more »