Create and Share Custom Social Media Posts from Your eBay Shop + Five Reasons Why

Social Media Posts

eBay has announced exciting new features that allow sellers to create and share custom social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This new feature is an excellent opportunity for eBay sellers to promote their products on social media and reach a wider audience. With the new feature, sellers can easily create custom posts and share them on their social media profiles directly from the eBay Seller Hub. The posts can include product photos, descriptions, and prices, making it easier for potential customers to discover and purchase the products. How to Create Custom Social Media Posts from Your eBay Shop By using the new custom post feature, eBay sellers can tap into the vast audience on social media platforms and… Read more »

Amazon Fights Back Against Counterfeit Products

Amazon has recently announced its latest advancements in counterfeit prevention for customers, brands, and selling partners with the publication of its third annual Brand Protection Report. This new report aims to further strengthen Amazon’s anti-counterfeit measures to provide a safer and more trustworthy shopping experience for all. Counterfeiting is a global problem that harms legitimate businesses and puts consumers at risk. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, the global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy is estimated to cost $4.2 trillion. This is a significant threat to the economy, jobs, and public health and safety. Amazon Brand Protection Report The Amazon Brand Protection Report focuses on four key areas: Increasingly Deterring Bad Actors: Amazon’s robust seller verification, including connecting… Read more »

Amazon Counterfeit Products

eBay appoints Love Island’s Tom Clare as its Pre-Loved Menswear Ambassador

Tom Clare eBay

Following its successful collaboration with Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri, eBay UK has announced Love Island’s Tom Clare as its Pre-Loved Ambassador for men’s fashion. The partnership aims to encourage more men to shop for pre-owned clothing, highlighting the environmental and economic benefits of buying second-hand. This announcement comes as searches for men’s pre-loved clothing on eBay UK are up almost 100% compared to last year, showing the nation’s growing appetite. Despite this, more than half of men (51%) still admit to never or rarely purchasing second-hand clothing. An Influential Figure in Men’s Fashion Tom Clare, who appeared on the hit UK reality show in 2023, has become an influential figure in the world of men’s fashion. As part of his… Read more »

Go Outdoors – It’s Peak Season for Garden Furniture and Outdoor Living Sales

According to research conducted by eBay Ads UK, nearly a quarter (24%) of consumers plan to purchase garden items in the coming weeks. The survey also reveals that shoppers are considering investing in their outdoor spaces earlier than ever, with a third of them getting their gardens ready before the warmer months. Staying Home There are several factors behind the surge in Brits investing in their gardens. Half of those surveyed suggested they use their outdoor spaces more than they did in previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly influenced people to become more engaged with their gardens. The cost-of-living crisis is another primary consideration highlighted by people looking to spend more time in their gardens as they forgo more expensive… Read more »

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Is Amazon Clamping Down on Returns?

amazon returns

Amazon has started flagging up “frequently returned” products on its marketplace. The label is being rolled out to encourage consumers to carefully check item descriptions and product reviews before purchasing. In addition to reducing returns, the move will help consumers identify misleading product descriptions and poor-quality products. Amazon has a solid reputation for its free and no-quibble returns policy. However, in recent years, the eCommerce giant has also been fighting the scourge of fake reviews and counterfeit, low-quality, and deceptively marketed products. No matter how easy it is for consumers to return these products, it still represents a poor customer experience and accounts for significant costs and environmental impact. The Problem with Marketplace Buyers In many ways, Amazon is a… Read more »

eBay UK Shop Fees to Increase on April 1, 2023

eBay UK has reminded sellers that its UK shop fees will increase on April 1, 2023. The online marketplace has stated that the additional charges reflect eBay’s continued investment in its “vibrant and trusted marketplace.” The new charges as of April 1, 2023, will see: Basic Shops increasing from £25 to £27 Featured Shops increasing from £69 to £77 Anchor Shops increasing from £399 to £437 The removal of listing upgrade credits for Featured and Anchor Shop subscribers eBay Shops: What do you get for your money? Under the new fee structure, eBay Shop subscribers receive the following benefits: Basic Shops: 250 free fixed-priced listings + 100 free 7-day auction-style listings. Featured Shops: 1,500 free fixed-priced listings + 600 free… Read more »

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Online Shoppers React Negatively to eCommerce Returns Charges

eCommerce Returns

Shoppers have reacted negatively to eCommerce stores charging for returns. According to a recent report published by SAP Emarsys, 26% of shoppers have stopped buying from specific retailers due to paid eCommerce returns policies. The report suggests that 18% of consumers questioned view paid returns as “unfair.” In addition, 13% of those surveyed indicated that they had thrown away items rather than returned them due to the cost of returns. Returns Remain a Significant Challenge to Online Retailers This news will not be welcomed by many large retailers, who, in recent months, have sought to change how the general public perceives the online returns process. A recent report suggested that nearly one in four large retailers had started charging for… Read more »

eBay Launches Dynamic Ad Rates for Promoted Listings Standard

eBay has announced the launch of dynamic ad rates for its eBay Promoted Listings Standard (PLS) advertising platform. Dynamic ad rates helps sellers stay competitive by automatically adjusting ad rates to match eBay’s daily suggestions. The move is designed to help eBay sellers save time and effort by removing the need to manage their advertising campaigns manually. Ad rates are set by the percentage sellers are willing to pay of the total amount their item sells for (including shipping, taxes, and other applicable fees). Ad fees are applied to promoted items that sell within 30 days of a click on a promoted listing. Staying in Control of Your eBay Ads Sellers can select how they’d like to manage their ads… Read more »

eBay Promoted Listings

eBay Expands Partnership with British Superbikes

eBay British Superbikes

eBay has extended the partnership it first announced in June 2022 with British Superbikes. The Bennetts British Superbike Championship (BSB) is the leading road racing superbike championship in the United Kingdom. It is still acknowledged to be the world’s premier domestic superbike racing series. Under the extended partnership, eBay will: Receive branding at all 11 rounds of the race. Act as the sponsor for the series’ qualifying format. Recognise the rider who makes up the most positions during the race with The ‘eBay Fast Forward Award.’ Act as the title sponsor of two grassroots motorsport series: the No Limits ACU Endurance Motorcycle Championship and the MSVT Trackday Trophy. Speaking to journalists, Stuart Higgs, series director of British Superbikes, said: “We… Read more »

eBay Pre-Loved Fashion Image Best Practices

A picture might be worth a thousand words in any other industry, but in the fashion industry, those images are priceless. Nothing will sell a garment faster than a good image. However, in the world of pre-loved fashion, those images aren’t just about selling a look. Instead, they are about setting customer expectations, building trust, and persuading customers that their investment in pre-loved fashion is a wise choice. eBay Listing Best Practices eBay listing best practices dictate that each pre-loved fashion listing should be supported with a minimum of 12 images. This strategy won’t only help your customer make an informed buying decision. It will help your listings be found in eBay search. If the thought of taking 12 images… Read more »

eBay Pre-Loved Fashion