eBay – Investing to Improve Small Business Sustainability

small business sustainability

eBay is doubling down on reducing the environmental impact of eCommerce with global eco investments and direct help to improve small business sustainability. eBay has announced two new business initiatives to bolster the online marketplace’s global position as a more environmentally friendly shopping choice.   The first announcement comes out of the UK, where eBay has launched a new training program called the Carbon Academy. The second announcement sees eBay Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of eBay Inc., leading Series A investment in the Australian luxury dress-sharing platform, The Volte. The Volte is a designer fashion rental marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders. The Carbon Academy  eBay UK has launched a new training program called the Carbon Academy, in collaboration with Climate Partner,… Read more »

eBay Up and Running Grant offers $500,000 to US Small Business Sellers 

  eBay has recently announced the 2023 edition of its eBay Up & Running Grant program, a yearly initiative that aims to provide financial grants and resources to promising small business sellers on eBay.   The programme will award 50 Small Business Sellers in the US with a financial grant and technology package worth $10,000 to foster business growth. This eBay small business grant will also offer an additional $500 stipend to each Up & Running Grant recipient, which they can use to purchase essential office technology and tools from eBay Refurbished.   eBay Small Business Growth  According to a survey of eBay’s Up & Running Grant awardees since 2020, 91% of recipients found the grant extremely or very helpful for their businesses. Furthermore,… Read more »

eBay Up and Running Grant

Multiple eBay Accounts – Why Do It and What Are The Rules

multiple eBay accounts

  Sellers often approach the eBay experts at Frooition with requests to help them sell across multiple eBay accounts. There are many legitimate reasons why an eBay seller may wish to operate more than one eBay account. However, sellers must also overcome challenges to successfully manage several eBay accounts. With more than 18 years of experience helping thousands of eBay sellers sell more, we’ve helped numerous sellers build and successfully operate their businesses over two or more eBay accounts.   Most common reasons for operating multiple eBay accounts: Different Business Niches: eBay sellers are nothing if not entrepreneurial and will often explore other opportunities in entirely separate categories. For example, a motors spares and accessories seller may discover a chance to… Read more »

eBay Buyers Invited To Add Photos to Seller Feedback

eBay will soon allow buyers to add up to five photos to their seller feedback. The new feature, being tested in the UK and US markets, asks buyers to submit their photos, promising that the online marketplace will display them alongside their feedback soon.  The use of buyer-submitted photos to run alongside reviews is not new. Amazon, Etsy, B&Q, and other online marketplaces already encourage buyers to submit pictures and videos alongside their product reviews. Buyers typically welcome the images as providing helpful extra detail, helping them to make more informed buying decisions. Despite this, many eBay sellers have voiced their concerns on eBay’s Community pages.  Negative comments from more vocal sellers have ranged from “What fresh Hell is this?”… Read more »

eBay Photos Feedback

eBay Alternatives – Where to Sell in 2023

eBay Alternatives

  As the number of online marketplaces increases, are there any real eBay alternatives? The obvious one is Amazon, and many merchants on eBay also sell on Amazon, but beyond these two, what then? Let’s take a look at the stats of sales on online marketplaces other than these big two and see what, if any, viable eBay alternatives there are:   eBay Alternatives Comparison Table   Site  Third Party Merchandise Value Country Category  eBay 73.9 billion US$ Global General  Walmart 33    billion US$ US General  Houzz 14     billion US$ US Home Décor and DIY Etsy 11.8  billion US$ Global Arts, Crafts, Vintage OnBuy 229  million US$ UK General  Bonanza 185  million US$ US General  Newegg Not disclosed US General but… Read more »

After Fast Fashion, eBay Seeks to Slow Down Fast Furniture

eBay is taking action to combat fast furniture and promote sustainable homewares by launching its ‘Better Than New Homeware’ Hub. This curated destination encourages consumers to consider pre-loved items first when updating their interiors, whether it be vintage, refurbished, or repaired furniture. The move to change consumers’ perception of second-hand furniture follows the online marketplace’s successful campaign to promote pre-loved fashion, including high-profile partnerships with reality TV stars and influencers through the sponsorship of ITV2’s Love Island. eBay Research Research from eBay UK shows that the average person refreshes their home around three times a year, but only 14% are buying more second-hand furniture now compared to two years ago. The Hub aims to make it easier for people to… Read more »

eBay Fast Furniture

eBay Migrates US Sellers to International Shipping Program With No Sweat Returns

eBay International Shipping

eBay has sent an email to US sellers informing them that they will be automatically migrated to the online marketplace’s International Shipping Program before the summer. As well as opening up potentially lucrative new overseas markets, eBay’s International Shipping Program also promises to manage the tricky international returns process at no risk to the seller. How Does eBay’s International Shipping Program Work? eBay’s International Shipping programs aim to make shipping products globally as easy as delivering goods to your home market. International orders are shipped to a central US hub. Once the packages have been accepted at the hub, the sale is marked as complete, and eBay handles everything else. This includes the tricky process of managing international returns. No… Read more »

May Bank Holiday Sales Boost For eBay Sellers

The UK might be relishing the opportunity to enjoy three bank holidays weekends in the month of May – but is this the right time to put up your feet and relax? According to eBay data, while the nation enjoys nothing better than an extended weekend, it also enjoys using all that extra free time for some online shopping. With the promise of better weather just around the corner, much of that shopping focus will be on home and garden categories with an emphasis on outdoor living. eBay Outdoor Living In the post-pandemic world, more Brits are taking pride in and enjoying their garden spaces than ever before. Nearly half (48%) of UK consumers say that relaxing outdoors is their… Read more »

UK Bank Holiday

Amazon Business: A $35-Billion Opportunity for B2B Sellers

Amazon Business B2B

With more than 300 million active customers, Amazon is one of the most powerful B2C marketplaces available to online sellers today. But what if you are an Amazon B2B seller? Is Amazon the right place to serve your B2B customers’ needs? Introducing Amazon Business Amazon Business is a specialised platform designed to cater to the specific needs of B2B sellers and buyers. With more than six million registered businesses using the platform, it is clear that Amazon Business has rapidly gained popularity among businesses of all sizes. Launched in 2015, Amazon Business is one of the fastest-growing ventures in Amazon’s history, reaching $35 billion in annualised sales in 2023. 4 Benefits for B2B Sellers on Amazon Business Amazon Business offers… Read more »

eBay UK Expands Its Authenticity Guarantee Service To Branded Children’s Sneakers

eBay UK has announced that it is expanding its ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ programme to cover kids’ branded sneakers costing more than £100. The authenticity program already covers adult sneakers, luxury handbags, and watches, and eBay intends to expand it to encompass more categories. This initiative aims to drive growth in high-value categories by positioning eBay as a reliable platform for the resale of high-quality and luxurious products. Kids’ Designer Sneakers and Streetwear The decision to enter the market for children’s shoes is in response to the designer sneaker and streetwear industry undergoing a demographic and economic transformation. According to the online marketplace, the demand for popular shoe styles like ‘Kids Nike Dunks’ has surged by nearly 140% over the last 12… Read more »

kids sneakers