Black Friday Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

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With Black Friday just around the corner, many online retailers will be focused on creating marketing campaigns to help them win a share of what could be a $10bn sales opportunity. As a low-cost, high-return marketing channel, email marketing should play a significant role in this strategy. However, with so many campaigns hitting consumers’ email inboxes In the days before the big day, it will be difficult for campaigns to stand out from the noise. So what does a successful Black Friday email marketing campaign look like? Black Friday Email Marketing Mistakes Marketers often make several “rookie” email marketing mistakes in the run-up to major sales events like Black Friday. These include: Last Minute Campaigns: By the time Black Friday… Read more »

eBay Partners with British Fashion Council to Launch £100,000 Circular Fashion Innovator’s Fund

eBay UK is partnering with the British Fashion Council to launch a £100,000 Circular Fashion Innovator’s Fund. The fund is designed to help small businesses in the circular fashion industry access new technology and deliver innovative solutions. eBay has long been championing the circular economy and has committed to maintaining its position as the leading online resale market for pre-loved and vintage fashions. The partnership with the British Fashion Council will allow eBay to access thought leaders in the industry and identify innovative projects that will benefit from additional funding. In addition, the partnership will work closely with the environmental charity, Hubbub, which will offer advice based on its experience in delivering grant funding. eBay’s Passion for Pre-Loved Fashion eBay… Read more »

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Online Returns: 1 in 4 Big Brand Retailers Charge For Returns

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The days of free online returns may be numbered according to a recent report published by the post-purchase and customer experience company ParcelLab. The report suggests that 25% of the UK’s biggest online retail brands are now charging customers for returns. This figure represents a 14% increase from the previous year. According to the report, retailers not offering free returns charge an average of £3.53 per return and take approximately nine days to refund the purchase. Is It Becoming More Difficult to Return Online Purchases? It’s important to remember returns aren’t going away anytime soon (ever). Distance selling regulations in the UK demand the right to return goods for any reason. What is changing is the way retailers manage their… Read more »

Could Air Freight By Amazon Solve Logistic Problems This Christmas?

When it is critical that products land on time, air freight offers a more convenient and expedited route to market than shipping by sea. But isn’t air freight prohibitively expensive? Amazon Global Logistics wants to change this perception. With the holidays fast approaching, the last thing a retailer needs is a delay in stock arriving at its warehouse. When sourcing and shipping goods from manufacturers in Asia to fulfilment centres in the UK, EU, and the US, there are so many unforeseen issues that can prevent items from arriving in time it can be difficult to plan your seasonal sales activities accurately. When the unforeseen happens and shipments are delayed, retailers either risk losing out to competitors already holding stock… Read more »

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Podcast: The Secret Diary of a Side Hustle: How I Find Great Products to Sell on eBay and Amazon


Like many other eBay and Amazon sellers, Vanessa McDowell’s online business can best be described as a side hustle. But what make’s Vanessa’s story so fascinating is her adoption of sophisticated sales tools. She’s also unafraid of the kind of hustle small and large sellers need to commit to stay relevant and sell more online. In this episode, Vanessa explains how she built her side hustle business around her existing family and work commitments and how she researches markets to reduce the risk when buying stock. She also shares her experience sourcing stock from China and how FBA changed her life as a seller.

Still In Love With eBay (Without The Aid of Rose-Tinted Glasses)

It’s been just over a year since I returned to the world of online marketplaces as the head of marketing for Frooition, an eCommerce design and optimisation agency with its roots firmly bedded in the eBay ecosystem. My first day “back in the office” was spent at the eBay Open event in Manchester. After more than a decade away, I was keen to see how the marketplace space had evolved and wasn’t disappointed. I met and was re-introduced throughout the event to some of eBay’s most inspirational sellers. I was reminded that there is often a tremendous entrepreneurial story behind the most successful eBay businesses. In many cases, eBay provided an accessible and sustainable route to creating an income that… Read more »

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eBay Partners With FedEx to Simplify Shipping for Sneaker Sellers

eBay has announced a partnership with FedEx to simplify the process of selling authenticated sneakers on its US marketplace. Starting in October, eBay will enable sneaker sellers using the sneaker authentication service to print a FedEx shipping label to ship their sneakers to authentication centres free of charge. When sneaker sellers use this free service, they will also benefit from loss and damage protections if anything goes wrong during the first leg of shipping to the authenticator. Free FedEx Shipping Labels Free labels can be printed at your home or workplace using eBay Labels from your desktop or the eBay app. If you don’t have access to a printer, eBay Labels can automatically email you a QR code which can… Read more »

Could Amazon Ship to Seller Storage (STS) Solve Your Global Sourcing Problems?

When margins are tight, retailers need to look for operational efficiencies in their businesses to drive profits. The ability to source products in bulk from overseas markets is an obvious opportunity to cut unit costs. However, the upfront investment in stock, logistical costs, and lengthy timescales can make sourcing products in large volumes seem unattainable to many sellers. For many smaller businesses, global sourcing can be a complete leap of faith, resulting in many lost nights of sleep until their goods are safe and sound in their warehouse and available for sale. With large sums of cash tied up in products that may be months away from retail, trust is a major issue. So what if we told you there… Read more »

eBay UK Seller Update – September 2022

eBay UK’s September 2022 Seller Update delivers new features and tools designed to help sellers run their businesses, solidify their brands, and build connections with buyers to encourage repeat purchases. The online marketplace has also updated its guidance for sellers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland regarding compliance with safety, health, and environmental regulations now that the UK has left the European Union. Adding Video to Your Storefront and Listings eBay sellers can now create a more engaging experience for their buyers by adding video to their eBay storefront and eBay listings. eBay has highlighted how sellers should use video across two different areas: Storefront: eBay suggests that it is often the story behind a business that makes the sale.… Read more »

Prime Early Access Sale: Amazon to Give Black Friday a Run For Its Money

If you are an online retailer and think you’ve still got time to start thinking about the Holidays, think again. Amazon has completely torn up the traditional holiday marketing calendar and left online retailers scrambling to catch up. Amazon is planning to take advantage of the news that consumers plan to shop earlier than ever this holiday season by pre-empting the busy Black Friday sales period with a second Amazon Prime event. The online retailer and marketplace has announced it’s Amazon Prime Early Access Sale will run from October 11-12, 2022, some six weeks before the traditional Black Friday sales event. What Will Be On Offer? During the sale, Amazon will promote a list of the Top 100 of the… Read more »