Get Ready for the Busiest Time of the Year

It is well documented that Q4 is the busiest time of the year for the majority of online sellers; most sellers will start to see an increase in sales from the 1st of September. With this in mind, September is the time to finalize any changes to your business, ensure you have your product lines agreed and ordered, confirm you have the space for your additional stock, decide what promotions you will be offering and have your marketing plan clearly laid out. If you are considering changes to your branding now is a great time to do this as you will get the best return on investment over the busy period as well as getting the biggest benefit from: Increased… Read more »

It’s August: are you ready for Christmas?

Frooition are proud to present a guest blog from Dan Wilson of In the blazing sun (or not) of August, it’s a perfect time to think about your holiday season. No, not sun sea and sand. But Santa and seasonal sales. For ecommerce enterprises selling on eBay, Amazon and elsewhere, it’s time to think about Christmas and the holidays. The lowest point of the ecommerce year is the nadir of the August bank holiday weekend coming up. If it’s a scorcher, sales will likely be sluggish but it’s uphill from there all the way to Christmas and if all’s well, November and December should be a real selling frenzy and bigger than 2012. Planning your approach to Christmas right… Read more »

eBay Give Sellers Free Pictures

In the eBay UK Spring 2013 Seller Release eBay announced that from the 1st August 2013 they would be offering all eBay UK sellers up to 12 product photos for any category instead of 1 free gallery picture. From today sellers can enjoy more photos of their products when listing items. The inclusion of more photographs provides a much better description of your products and allows buyers to make a more informed buying decision. This will make seller’s lives easier by cutting down on returns, questions and disputes as well as improving buyer confidence in the products – ultimately leading to improved sales. Sellers can now enjoy clearer listings and have more product confidence to purchase. Remember: A picture is… Read more »

Serious Sellers Start Now

Now is the time to prepare for your busiest quarter of the year. Successful businesses are already starting preparations for Q4; get ahead of your competition and increase your sales during the busy next quarter with an up dated eBay design. Upgrade your eBay store for increased sales: Increase your eBay sales by up to a Massive 30% or more. Get the latest eBay design for today’s market trends. Get ahead of your competition. Increase buyer confidence. Or even to shed a negative image! And much more! “Website design is perhaps the most important aspect of your online business” Contact Us Today! Great design increases sales eBay Store and Listing Designs – Facebook Design – Ecommerce Web Design “Wow! I… Read more »

ICE Retailer 2013 – 2 Months To Go!

ICE Retailer 2013 – 2 Months To Go! Join hundreds of Internet Commerce Entrepreneurs, Senior Marketers and fellow commerce enthusiasts at the 2013 ICE Retailer ecommerce Conference in Atlanta, GA. ICE Retailer is a brilliant event that promises to deliver in depth content and vital workshops that cover everything from the latest digital marketing and ebusiness strategies to best practises and hands on classes in: Social Media. ePR. Customer Engagement. Content Strategy. Mobile Marketing and Apps. Ecommerce. Email. Search. Usability/Design. Marketing Automation. Analytics and More! In addition to the latest industry best practises you can also benefit in attendance by: Increasing your personal network. Meet like minded entrepreneurs and eBay business owners. Discover the do’s and don’ts of business. Share… Read more »

How to identify and fix images that break eBay’s picture standards policy

In the recent eBay Seller Information release eBay announced that they were introducing a new, mandatory, picture standards policy to create a better buying experience as well as increase sales. Click here to read the details for the policy. For some customers this will mean that they need to change some of their existing images, identifying which images breach the policy and replacing them can be a daunting and difficult task. Fortunately Frooition customers need not worry as we have recently created a fantastic addition to our storefront management software. Available for all Frooition Pro customers, it identifies any images that breach the policy and provide feedback explaining why they breach the policy. This valuable addition to the Frooition software… Read more »

How to start your marketing

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably” – Chartered Institute of Marketing. At first glance marketing can appear to be a complicated and disheartening subject, but marketing only has to be as complicated as you make it, sure, there are marketing elements which do require specialised experts but there are many elements of marketing. “Marketing is really good common sense supported by technical understanding” – Chris Reeves. Where to start? Ok, so you’ve got a great product and great idea but then you realise, how am I going to get this message out there? Thankfully, we’re here to help with a few great starting principles to help set your marketing in motion. Test… Read more »

eBay’s Picture Standards Policy comes into effect soon…

Shortly eBay will begin to enforce the new picture standards policy that they outlined in the recent seller release. What changes are happening? EBay are enforcing standards in image size and quality. The new policy includes: All listings must have at least 1 image. No stock images for used items. No borders on images. No text on images. No images or graphics over images. Images must be a minimum of 500px on the longest side.   Click here to read our full analysis of the policy: Why are eBay enforcing this policy? EBay have created this policy and are enforcing it to create a better buying experience. The more detail a buyer can see of an item the more… Read more »

Customer Focus Ratio – Make it Personal

Customer Focus Ratio “A young lady arrives home from a date as to which point her flat mate asks, how was it? She replies, he was an opera singer, it was all ‘mememememeeee’…”  If you’re focussing too much on yourself and not enough on your customers, you’re missing sales. Customer Focus Ratio is the ratio of words relating to yourself or your business compared to your prospects. It’s a fact that if you don’t talk to you customers in your copy you are missing sales and receiving a less engaged audience. The secret… make it personal. Prospects need engagement, they don’t need the usual sales bumf, they want to engage with you but without the sales banter; your clients are… Read more »

PeSA 2013 – One exciting event!

PeSA 2013 – One exciting event! PeSA is one of the leading eBay and ecommerce exhibitions in Australia, and what an exciting event it was! We had a fantastic time at PeSA 2013 from helping business owners understand how they can grow their businesses with powerful ebay and ecommerce design to drawing the PeSA 2013 Frooition design competition winner! PeSA 2013 Froo highlights: Meeting new entrepreneurs. We love meeting new business owners and supporting them with their online ecommerce strategy particularly how our eBay and ecommerce designs can benefit their business. Reminiscing with existing clients and industry experts. Nothing makes us more happier than seeing how our existing clients are benefiting from our design services and reaching new record sales… Read more »