Last Posting Dates – Christmas 2013

Christmas is just over a month away and sales are in full swing.  High streets are switching on their lights and Christmas trees appearing in people’s windows. The key to a successful Christmas for online sellers is being prepared and planning well. To help sellers plan for the last few weeks of Christmas we have collated the last posting dates for the most popular services: UK Service Destination Last Posting Date: Royal Mail 2nd Class & 2nd Class Royal Mail signed for UK Inland Wednesday 18th December 1st Class & 1st Class Royal Mail signed for UK Inland Friday 20th December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed UK Inland Friday 23rd December International Airmail Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand… Read more »

Business Christmas List 2013 – Part 3:December

December is nearly here, and you are almost out of time to get new stock and process it, so now comes the task of ensure you are running your business smoothly. There are a few things left to add to your plan for Christmas: Prepare for returns Things break, buyers make the wrong purchase and people get buyer’s remorse, don’t see returns as a personal insult to you and your business, they are all part of life as an online seller. The more you sell the more returns you are likely to get. Things to prepare: Get up to speed with business and consumer rights for all areas you sell to Ensure you know your rights with courier insurance policies… Read more »

Business Christmas List 2013 – Part 2:November

November is practically upon us and things are starting to get busy, the more organised buyers have started their Christmas shopping and sales are ramping up. To cope with the extra sales and extra workload it is time to add to your Christmas plan. Communicate Most problems are somehow routed to bad communication; people get angry when they feel like they aren’t informed of a situation – no one likes to be left in the dark… Avoid problems and resolve issues through excellent communication: Setup auto responders so customers know you have received their mails – it also buys you time to prepare the response. Make your returns & shipping policies prominent and ensure they read well – not like… Read more »

Introducing eBay Profiles & eBay Collections

In an effort to help sellers drive interest and sales to their products and services, eBay have today launched two new features: eBay Profiles and eBay Collections. EBay Profiles: EBay have made a move to become more social with the creation of user profiles. All users, whether buyer or seller, have access to a customisable profile page. Users can write a short description of themselves or their business, upload a logo or profile picture as well as add a new profile cover. The eBay profile cover is similar to the Facebook’s cover images and shows off a user’s style perfectly. User Profiles contain: User description Information about a seller or buyer Feedback information Links to items for sale and store… Read more »

Business Christmas List 2013 – Part 1:October

The holiday season is fast approaching, you’re busy running around sourcing product, refining your lines, checking your best sellers and preparing for special promotions. The key to a successful holiday season is to prepare well, with a good solid plan everyone in your business knows what you need to do and when it needs doing. It also highlights if things are moving off plan and allows you to quickly react and adjust. Planning correctly can be a daunting task, with that in mind we have produced a 3 part Christmas selling plan that you can adapt and follow for yourself! When is Christmas? It seems like a simple question; however, for a retailer Christmas doesn’t start in December. Most high… Read more »

Thanksgiving Templates from Froo! Template Themes

Give your listings a seasonal touch with a selection of Thanksgiving based template themes. Froo! Template offers a selection of 30 thanksgiving themed templates that can be instantly applied to your live listings; as well as hundreds of holiday & fall themes to inspire your customers to buy your products this thanksgiving. Don’t forget with Froo! Template Themes is you can apply different themes to different products! Sign up is free and no payment details are required for the trial. If you wish to continue using Froo! Template themes after the trial it is just £2.50/ $4.85 per month for access to over 5,000 listings!! Once you sign up to the Froo! Apps Center you will also have 30 days… Read more »

5 things you’ll find in Tamebay Ecommerce Guide

So many ecommerce sellers want to expand their sales and profits We see it day-in day-out on Tamebay: in the comments and our inbox is often full of enquiries too. It’s a heartening sign of the overwhelming health of the industry. Most people still see a huge opportunity. eBay businesses want to sell more, more effectively and more profitably. There’s huge interest in Amazon and maximizing sales there. What about branching out to other marketplaces or establishing an independent webshop? There’s a huge hunger for help and expertise. The good news is that there is plenty of help out there. We’ve been astonished by how much the eBay and ecommerce ecosystem has developed in the last year or two. There… Read more »

Get Ready for Halloween with Froo! Template Themes

Put a fright into your eBay customers and increase your sales! Get into the Halloween spirit and instantly transform your eBay listings into creepy masterpieces! Froo! Template Themes has 90 Halloween based themes available to instantly apply to all your eBay Listings. Even better new customers can sign up for 30 days free trial – meaning if you signup now you can have spine-chilling Halloween listings for 30 days and not pay a penny! Froo! Template themes allows sellers to pick a theme (over 5,000 designs to choose from) and apply them to all of their listings in bulk. Another great feature of Froo! Template Themes is you can apply different themes to different products; meaning you can use a… Read more »

Product Insight: Froo! Cross Sell

Froo! Cross Sell is a fantastic FREE app for eBay sellers. Developed by Frooition, this application adds a dynamic scrolling item gallery to your live eBay listings. This great app helps sellers increase their sales and grow their business for FREE – through enhanced visibility and cross promotion. Cross Sell uses the latest web technologies and is mobile compatible and works with eBay’s mobile apps. The product list is fed dynamically using the eBay API so you will never show dead links or items that have been sold – it automatically updates! Cross Sell is so simple to use, you can add the gallery to all of your live listings with 1 click. If you have listings that already have… Read more »

Get 30% More Sales this Christmas

EBay sellers are getting busy sourcing new stock, testing new product lines, prepping seasonal promotions and ensuring staffing levels are set for the busiest time of the year. The bulk of these sellers will make the majority of their annual turnover in the last quarter of the year; however, if you utilise an eBay store and listing design effectively you can actually squeeze up to 30% more sales from your store! It takes just 3 seconds for a prospective buyer to decide if they are going to engage with a seller before making a buying decision. Great design helps capture buyers that would normally back out of your listings and go to a competitor. Think of it like walking down… Read more »