eBay Announces Changes to its Promoted Listings Program

eBay Promoted Listings

eBay has announced via an email to its business sellers that it is making changes to its Promoted Listings program. The changes reflect how eBay defines a click, reports sales, and charges for your Promoted Listings campaigns. What’s Changing? eBay’s email highlighted the following changes: As we continue working to help make your ads more engaging and helpful for buyers, we will be expanding our definition of a click for Standard and Advanced ads to include interactions with new features and functionality of your ads. In addition to when a buyer clicks through to your listing page, we will now include when a buyer clicks on the heart icon to add an item to their watchlist from a Promoted Listing.… Read more »

eBay Germany Will Be Free For Private Sellers from March 1, 2023

eBay Germany has announced that selling on the online marketplace will be free of charge for private sellers as of March 1, 2023. The following announcement (translated by Google) appeared on the online marketplace’s community board: Dear sellers, Selling items on eBay.de will be free for private sellers from March 1, 2023. Private sellers then pay neither a listing fee nor a sales commission when they sell on eBay.de. The change also applies to offers that were already posted on eBay before March 1, 2023, and have not yet been sold. Why are we doing this? We know that fees have been the biggest hurdle for private sellers to sell on eBay. The change in fees not only means an… Read more »

eBay Germany

TikTok Shopping: Is It Time To Get Serious About Social Shopping?

TikTok Shopping

If your target market is the lucrative Gen Z demographic (18 to 25-year-old shoppers), TikTok Shopping should be high on your list of priorities for eCommerce channels to explore right now. But how seriously should you take the social shopping opportunity, and what are the challenges and opportunities of this relatively new sales channel? TikTok vs. Meta (Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp) Despite being a newcomer to the social scene, TikTok is giving more established social brands a run for their money. According to a recent survey, social media users are now making ten purchases a year on TikTok, compared to nine on Meta channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This figure increases dramatically when you look at Gen Z shoppers who, on average,… Read more »

Using Drop Shipping To Test New eBay Products and Categories

Drop shipping is a popular eCommerce strategy many new and more established businesses use to list and sell products on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon and their own BigCommerce or Shopify web stores without first taking items into stock. Often seen as a low-risk strategy, with little or no upfront investment in stock, warehousing, or packaging materials, drop shipping is perceived by many as the perfect laptop business. However, drop shipping doesn’t come without its problems. The Problem With Drop Shipping Sellers new to drop shipping can quickly learn that this strategy might not be the panacea they seek. Typical problems include: Competition: Drop shipping suppliers work with multiple online retailers. This can make it very difficult to find… Read more »

ebay drop shipping

5 eBay Optimisation Strategies to Help You Sell More and Reduce Returns

eBay Optimisation

When it comes to eBay optimisation, many online retailers will do well to remember the old English proverb – A penny saved is a penny earned. eBay optimisation isn’t just about creating opportunities to maximise your sales. Your optimisation strategy also has the potential to look after multiple areas of your business that protect and enhance your bottom line. The good news is when you optimise your eBay product listings; you also take care of many of those other eCommerce problems that cost your business money. This includes time spent on resolving customer care issues and the absolute nightmare of dealing with returns. Customers and search engines aren’t so different A good eBay optimisation strategy works on so many levels.… Read more »

eBay Guaranteed Fit Boosts Confidence When Buying and Selling Auto Spares and Accessories

eBay Motors has announced the launch of eBay Guaranteed Fit, a program designed to give users greater confidence when buying and selling auto spares and accessories on the marketplace. Buyers can now look for the green ‘Fits’ compatibility checkmark on selected parts and accessories listings to understand whether the part will fit their vehicle. Furthermore, if the part arrives and doesn’t fit as expected, eBay Motors will cover the cost of the return, and the buyer will receive a full refund. eBay Guaranteed Fit is an additional protection under the eBay Money Back Guarantee and covers most new and pre-owned items in the Parts & Accessories category, with more to be added in the coming months. According to eBay, the… Read more »

eBay Motors Guaranteed Fit

Is Amazon Squeezing Its SMB Sellers Too Hard?

amazon fees

In the 25+ years I’ve worked in the eCommerce industry, I’ve met many busy fools. In the past, many of these sellers were burned by careless spending on paid search campaigns, mistaking the massive sales volume and associated turnover it generated for profit. It wasn’t until the end of the year that they realised they had destroyed any margin they had in a product for the sake of vanity metrics. However, today’s sellers are much more likely to complain that they are “working for Jeff Bezos” rather than running their own independent businesses. So the news that Amazon’s average cut of each sale surpassed 50% in 2022 will come as no surprise to many sellers. Amazon’s Increasing Cost of Sale… Read more »

eBay Acquires AI Firm to Build and Maintain Marketplace Trust

eBay has announced that it has acquired 3PM Shield, a provider of advanced AI-based marketplace compliance solutions, to enhance the online marketplace’s monitoring solutions which prevent the sale of counterfeit items, unsafe products, and illegal goods. The announcement is part of eBay’s ongoing commitment to providing sellers and buyers with a safe and trusted platform enabled by technology. The 3PM Shield acquisition enhances eBay’s ability to address suspicious or harmful seller behaviour and the sale of potentially problematic items. A Trusted Sales Environment Speaking to journalists about the acquisition, Zhi Zhou, Chief Risk Officer at eBay, said, “It is a top priority to help ensure that eBay remains a safe and trusted environment for our global community of sellers and… Read more »

eBay Trust

eBay Optimisation: What Is Wrong With My Listings?

eBay Listing Optimisation

Like painting the Forth Bridge, eBay listing optimisation is a never-ending task. If you want your listings to perform well in eBay search and ultimately sell more, you must keep up with listing best practices. This is a challenging task, particularly when eBay constantly moves the goalposts. Are Your Sales About to Fall Off a Cliff When sellers fail to update their listings in a timely fashion, their sales can plummet. And with eBay mandating new item specifics across multiple categories, with a deadline of February 22, 2023, many more sellers will be approaching that cliff edge moment. Savvy retailers don’t wait to see what happens on the other side of eBay listing mandates. Instead, they take the time to… Read more »

The eBay Business Roadshow Visits Cardiff, Wales

The eBay Business Roadshow winds up its current run of educational events across the UK with a visit to Cardiff, Wales, on March 2, 2023. The full-day event, which takes place at Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground, located just 15 minutes from the Welsh capital’s city centre, is free to attend and promises an agenda jam-packed with content to help you build and grow your business on eBay and beyond. What will attendees learn? Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with eBay advisors and discuss their individual business needs on a one-to-one basis. The event will also feature the following presentations: Starting and scaling on eBay: Senior managers from across eBay will deliver top tips and guidance on growing your… Read more »

eBay Roadshow Cardiff Wales