Top eBay design features and trends

As a certified eBay provider specializing in design we have provided services for a lot of eBay sellers. Over the many years we have been crafting eBay designs we have seen many styles, trends and features come and go. We used to see clients asking for very bright designs with lots of small product images and clients showing that they sold “a bit of everything”. The designs followed a more strict layout as the average desktop screen size was smaller than today. There was a consensus that the more “stuff” you showed the more likely you were to make a sale; stores appeared crowded, jammed with promotional areas, and there were a lot of actions to click on.  There was… Read more »

Why do you need a good server infrastructure?

Whatever you do online you rely on a provider’s server infrastructure, whether you’re updating Facebook, sending a tweet, reading your emails or running your online store. When these services don’t work it is frustrating, if your eCommerce store fails to function it affects your business and can affect your bottom line. Even if you don’t have your own website good hosting can help boost your eBay listings if you host your product images or design online. It is vital to invest in your server setup but there are a number of factors that are often overlooked that can affect your business: Downtime This is the most obvious issue that people look at, what is the server down time? Often hosting… Read more »

Introducing new multi-channel design package

ChannelAdvisor have recently announced they now support Bigcommerce as an ecommerce platform through its Webstores Amplifier. This is great news for sellers as it opens up the powerful ChannelAdvisor solution to SME businesses as well as allowing for greater customisation of the ecommerce website channel. The addition of the Bigcommerce platform is great news for many sellers as it allows for far greater customisation of the store as well as lower overheads for managing the store. In response to this great news Frooition have developed a design package especially for ChannelAdvisor customers with 3 levels available for all sizes of seller. All levels of the ChannelAdvisor package include: eBay Store Design eBay Listing Design eBay Mobile Template Frooition eBay Design… Read more »

Frooition announce new eBay mobile design service

Frooition are proud to announce today that they have just launched a brand new service – Mobile listing templates for eBay sellers. Click here to see examples of our eBay Mobile design. Working directly with eBay and sellers, we have developed the optimal layout for mobile devices improving buyer experience and ultimately better conversions. Mobile commerce is growing at an amazing rate for eBay: eBay generated $22 Billion in 2013 through mobile devices. And with up to 30% of all listings being viewed on mobile devices, it is more important than ever to ensure your listings are mobile optimised. With a mobile optimized template you will increase the conversion rate of your listings. How do Mobile optimised listings increase sales?… Read more »

Creating Conversions in a Changing World

In an ever-evolving e-commerce landscape — marked by constant innovation, new frontiers and tech one-upmanship — the future of your online business lies with your product data. It’s your company’s lifeblood. And it defines who you are. What’s imperative is that you have the ability to stay versatile with that data, so whatever new channels or platforms arise, you can harness them to achieve maximum sales. At ChannelAdvisor, we’ve recently announced a strategic alliance with one of the industry’s leading webstore platforms, Bigcommerce, which is a vital step toward making this goal a reality. As you take control of your inventory data and try to maximize your conversions, keep these four best practices in mind: 1. Make sure your product… Read more »

Frooition sponsoring ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2014 Las Vegas

We are proud to announce we are attending and sponsoring ChannelAdvisor Catalyst in Las Vegas From the 10th to the 12th of March Frooition will be attending and sponsoring the annual ChannelAdvisor Catalyst event at the Wynn in Las Vegas. The ChannelAdvisor Catalyst events always provide great information to help sellers grow their business to the next level. Catalyst provides a unique insight into the future of ecommerce from industry visionaries and retailers. The experts at the event explore how to add new channels, improve your SEO and SEM, make use of shopping feeds and hone your ecommerce strategy to be as successful as possible. ChannelAdvisor have recently announced they now integrate with Bigcommerce websites which further enhances their offering.… Read more »

Top features for an ecommerce platform

Frooition provide design services for many ecommerce platforms, including; Amazon, Magento Go, Bigcommerce and Channel Advisor Premium stores. In our many years of experience we have seen trends come and go, highlighting what customers require in the world of design today. We have detailed the top features our customers ask for in an ecommerce platform. 1.       Single column storefront A single column store front creates a logical flow for buyers, there is no confusion about where to look and how to browse the site – you simply read from top to bottom. This format is becoming more popular with the influx of tablets and other devices that do not have traditional screen sizes. Without side columns it is a lot… Read more »

Happy Valentines from Frooition!

Give your Valentines sales a boost with Froo Template themes. Give your buyers that loved up feeling with a choice of 90 valentines themes. Template themes are easy to apply, you can even apply different themes to different listings instantly and in bulk, you can also easily remove the templates when a promotion or season finishes. What does Template themes cost? Well there is a free 30 day trial to start with, after 30 days it will cost you less than the price of a coffee for a whole month unlimited use. UK          £2.50+VAT per month US          $4.85 per month AU          $3.95 per month EU          €2.95 per month Plus there are over 6,000 themes to choose from! Click here for… Read more »

Frooition & StoreFeeder Announce Multi-channel Automation & Design Service

We are proud to announce that Frooition have joined forces with StoreFeeder to offer a joint solution combining Frooition’s World leading design with StoreFeeder’s excellent multi-channel automation software. We have developed 3 service levels meaning there is a service for everybody’s business level: Advanced – Advanced eBay Design, 3 Months Frooition Subscription, Advanced BigCommerce Design & access to the StoreFeeder software Premium – TopSeller Design, 6 Months Frooition Subscription, Premium BigCommerce Design, access to the StoreFeeder software, StoreFeeder assisted setup Enterprise – Signature Design, 12 Months Frooition Subscription, Complete BigCommerce Design, access to the StoreFeeder software, StoreFeeder assisted setup StoreFeeder allows sellers to integrate with all major sales channels including: eBay Amazon Play BigCommerce Magento Shopify ASP Dot Net +… Read more »

Guest Blog: StoreFeeder – The most effective way of growing sales

Guest Blog from Karl Ciz at StoreFeeder. I often get asked, what is the most effective way of growing sales?  There’s certainly no easy answer to that question, with a variety of key elements competing for seller’s time it can be difficult to focus on what really matters.  So let’s run through some of the key elements sellers should consider… Firstly it’s important to have the right product, something that’s attractive to market and that has enough margin to warrant the effort. Secondly you have to consider the long term market, are your items long-lived or repeatable sales items?  This will be helpful in working out when to look for new ranges to add to your portfolio of products. Thirdly,… Read more »