The eBay Business Roadshow Visits Newcastle and Glasgow

Frooition will be joining eBay UK on the road as their small business roadshow hits Newcastle on 9th June and Glasgow on 16th June. As with previous events in Sheffield and Salford, the event will be jam-packed full of advice about optimising your eBay listing strategies and scaling your business through eBay advertising, third-party fulfilment services, and funding opportunities. Small Business Best Practices eBay’s leadership team will be joined on stage by representatives from Small Business Britain and local Chambers of Commerce. They will be highlighting the latest in small business best practices and showcasing local success stories. Attendees at the event will also be invited to apply for a share of £1 million in grants and support packages from… Read more »

The Frooition Podcast: Episode 1 – Scaling Your eBay and Amazon Business

Frooition is delighted to announce the inaugural episode of The Frooition Podcast is now available for streaming. In this first episode, we speak with Dave Furness, founder of the eCommerce news site eSeller365, about the challenges small business owners face when scaling their businesses on eBay and Amazon and the opportunities available to them via hosted eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. Where can you stream The Frooition Podcast? The Frooition Podcast is available on the following streaming platforms: Podbean Amazon Music Spotify (coming soon) Apple Podcasts (coming soon) Google Podcasts (coming soon) TuneIn + Alexa (coming soon)

Are Slow Selling Items Damaging Your eBay Search Relevance?

Listing optimisation was a recurring theme at the recent eBay UK Roadshow in Salford, Greater Manchester. Throughout the day, eBay’s leadership team hammered home the importance of expedited shipping, careful use of item specifics, and images to enhance their sellers’ opportunity to be found in eBay search. One question in particular regarding eBay search best-practice really hit home with some sellers. Could slow-selling items be damaging their overall visibility and performance on the online marketplace? The answer was short and to the point: Yes! eBay listings with no sales after 90 days may impact search relevance Any seller with deep inventory will almost certainly have listings that run for 90 days or more without making a sale. According to eBay,… Read more »

eBay UK Advise Sellers to Remove Single-Use Plastics to Comply With Scottish Ban

eBay UK has issued guidance to its sellers stating they must remove single-use plastic items from their listings before June 1st, 2022. The advice follows in the wake of new laws in Scotland banning the sale of environmentally damaging single-use plastic items. Sellers should comply with these new laws by reviewing their inventory and removing non-compliant listings. These include: Plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks), plates, straws, beverage stirrers, and balloon sticks Food containers made of expanded polystyrene Cups and other beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene, including their covers and lids eBay advises sellers that after the June 1st deadline, it will be an offense to sell these single-use plastic items on the online marketplace. Any individual or business… Read more »

Single-use plastics

How Y2K TikTok Trend is Driving Surge in Vintage Sales on eBay

If the thought of tuning into the TV news fills you with dread, you’re not alone. Let’s face facts; the current news agenda is pretty depressing. From the war in Ukraine to the cost-of-living crisis, the ever-present threat of global warming and the ongoing pandemic, it’s little wonder why people feel nostalgic for simpler times. Gen Z shoppers, in particular, are finding comfort in an age when life was less problematic – the turn of the century. As with so many other things in 2022, social media has influenced this trend. TikTok is leading the charge with content tagged Y2K, clocking up 6.1 billion views. This trend has led to a massive spike in eBay searches for products that were… Read more »

Frooition Rolls into Salford, Greater Manchester, with the eBay UK Roadshow

eBay listing optimisation experts from Frooition will be joining eBay as their first-ever physical regional roadshow and investment programme in the UK arrives in Salford, Greater Manchester, on the 26th and 27th of May. The event, run in partnership with Small Business Britain and the British Chambers of Commerce, will be hosted at the city’s famous Lowry theatre. Speakers at the event will include: Murray Lambell: General Manager, eBay UK Michelle Ovens: Founder of Small Business Britain Ciaran Armstrong: Co-founder of Sustainable Pathways Mark Tomkins: Founder of Aubergine What will you learn? During the two day event, small business experts will share tips on: Starting and scaling on eBay: Hear from experts in the business first-hand about top tips and… Read more »

Is This The End of Free Online Returns?

Fashion retailer Zara last week announced it was joining a growing number of companies to start charging for online returns. The company now charges £1.95 to return items bought online, with the money taken from the customer’s refund. Zara is following in the footsteps of other large retail brands, including Next and Uniqlo, charging for returns. Returns have long been an issue for fashion retailers, with customers often buying multiple garments and keeping just one. In a recent media report, the online retail giant BooHoo blamed the high number of returns in part for its 94% decline in profits. Online returns are particularly problematic for fashion retailers due to the high costs and time scales of returning items to stock.… Read more »

Not Just Handbags and Gladrags: Why eBay’s Authenticity Service is Good News for all Buyers and Sellers

eBay recently rolled out its handbag authentication service in the UK. The service, which verifies the authenticity of luxury handbag brands sold on the marketplace, follows hot on the heels of its sneaker and watch authentication services launched last year and the more recent trading card service. The authentication services are designed to enhance levels of consumer trust. But there are also benefits to the seller. These include vetting all returns and ensuring luxury items are not swapped for counterfeits. After the sneakers and watch authentication services launch, eBay saw a multi-million pound uplift in sales across those categories. In what is already a buoyant market, eBay will be hoping to see a similar uplift in handbag sales on the… Read more »

179 Billion Reasons to Build a Mobile Responsive BigCommerce Store

If you are looking for a good reason to update or build a new BigCommerce store with the latest mobile responsive functionality, I can give you 179 billion great reasons. A recent report stated that adults in the UK spent a staggering £179bn on eCommerce sales using mobile devices last year. In what will be seen as another significant blow to brick-and-mortar retail, much of this spending occurred when consumers were out shopping. As a result, mobile now accounts for more than 50% of all eCommerce sales. What are people buying on their smartphones? Every product category is enjoying growth in mobile eCommerce. Fashion is seeing huge gains with £30bn spent on new threads. Health and beauty is also seeing… Read more »

eBay to Change How Promoted Listings Standard Fees Are Calculated

eBay has contacted its sellers to advise them that the online marketplace is changing how it calculates its Promoted Listings Standard fees. Promoted Listings Standard fees are currently based on the final selling price of an item. However, from June 1, 2022, these fees will be based on the total cost of the sale, including taxes, shipping, and any other applicable fees relating to business and private sales. What will change? Ad Fees will now be calculated once a sale has been completed. The Ad Fees estimates will no longer be available. This is because the new fee structure will be based on variables, including the buyer’s location and shipping costs which are not determined until the final sale has… Read more »