2014 Business Christmas List: Part 1

The holiday season is nearly upon us, very soon you will be busy running your business and trying to maximise your return on your most profitable time of the year. The key to success is being organised and preparing ahead of time, if you spend a small amount of time writing down your plan and making sure all your staff are up to speed, you can save a lot of headaches in the coming months. With this in mind we have outlined our thoughts on a successful holiday plan, so grab a coffee and read on… When to start Christmas? It sounds simple but when is Christmas? December 25th? December 24th? December 1st? WRONG!  Christmas starts today! The sooner you… Read more »

Transfering your eBay product data into Bigcommerce

Going multi-channel can be a major step in growing your online business and has many benefits; however it can be a daunting task. Where do you start and how do you do it? The first task is decide which channels you wish to sell on. We would always recommend selling on eBay & Bigcommerce as a great entry into multi-channel trading. The next big challenge is replicating your data on both channels. If you have a database or spreadsheet of your products then this can be an easy task. However if your company data has grown organically then this can be a more difficult task. One issue we often help customers with is copying their data from eBay onto Bigcommerce.… Read more »

Halloween Template Themes Available now!

Halloween Template Themes Available now! Get into the Halloween “spirit” with these fantastic ghoulish template themes. Froo Template themes allows eBay sellers to instantly apply pre-designed templates to their live eBay listings. Making your listings look great has never been easier. Adding the template to your live eBay listings is simple; Choose a design Add your logo Fill in your seller info tabs (e.g. About, Returns, Shipping etc.) Select the items you want to apply the design too Apply to 200 listings in one click Froo! Template Themes has 90 Halloween based themes available to instantly apply to all your eBay Listings today. Even better new customers can sign up for 30 days free trial – meaning if you signup… Read more »

Thoughts from a Frooition Account Manager…

We have asked one of our Account managers, Kelvin Lewis, to tell us the mobile design tips and tricks he passes on to his customers ahead of the busy Christmas period: Hi, I’m Kelvin, an account manager here at Frooition.  My role is to speak to prospective clients to work out how Frooition can help their online business as well as assisting existing customers to further improve their sales. As an account manager I am always looking for ways to help my customers improve their eBay and eCommerce experiences. One of the hottest points for this year is Mobile commerce and mobile design. This affects both eBay and other channels such as eCommerce websites. If you set your mobile design strategy… Read more »

Frooition Discount – Save on design in time for the holidays

Frooition Discount Details: As an early Holiday bonus we are offering a massive 20% Frooition discount off eBay & Bigcommerce design! Simply purchase an eBay design and matching Bigcommerce website and we will knock 20% off the retail prices (you could save as much as £1000/$1600) You can also “go mobile” with a mobile eBay template and fully responsive Bigcommerce design to make the most of the increasing power of mobile-commerce. When we create 2 or more stores with the same branding it becomes easier for us to deliver the additional designs at the same time. As it is easier we can save costs and we pass the saving on to you as a Frooition discount! In order to receive… Read more »

Don’t Leave it too late

Now is the time to act! “35% of annual ecommerce revenue is made in Q4 alone.” -Eseller Media If you are looking to invest in your business you should act now to maximize your ROI. Frooition designs are proven to increase sales, so it makes sense to have a design installed now, in time for your busiest season. Don’t forget; creating a fantastic eBay, Bigcommerce or Rakuten store takes time. Our typical delivery time depends upon your requirements and how many revisions you have. Our average delivery time is 4-5 weeks from start to finish. Click here to find out more and work out your delivery date

Action Comics #1 Auction – the first ever appearance of Superman!

Frooition are delighted and excited to be part of the highly anticipated action comics No1 project on eBay: Pristine Comics have just sold an original Action Comics #1 featuring Superman’s debut! The comic went for a staggering $3,207,852.00 (approx £1.9 M). That’s a pretty good return on the original 10c cover price! The original Action Comics number 1 was published in June 1938; the first run had 200,000 copies and was an anthology of multiple comics. It is estimated that only 50-100 original copies exist in varying conditions. Action Comics #1 was the first comic to ever reach $1 million and the last copy sold in 2011 went for a staggering $2.16 Million. The owners of this comic (Pristine Comics)… Read more »

NOW is the time to act…

Want to increase your sales? Thinking of investing in your business? NOW is the time to act… For the vast majority of our customers Q4 is by far the busiest quarter of the year. If you are thinking of investing in your business, now is the correct time to do so as you stand the highest chance of receiving ROI (return on investment). Investments may include: Adding an additional channel to your online business (such as Rakuten) Refreshing your existing branding for eBay or ecommerce websites Creating a new brand for new products Ramp up stock, adding new lines Adding professional design to your eBay store Creating your first ecommerce website Is cash flow is too tight to re-invest in… Read more »

The effects of 4G on mobile commerce

4G is rolling out to mobile networks across the Globe; users are beginning to experience faster, more reliable, mobile internet. Mobile operators are displaying TV adverts showing mobile users enjoying high quality HD content on the go, but what impact does this have on mobile commerce or mCommerce? The guardian estimate 4G will increase mCommerce by a staggering £1.8 Billion in the UK alone. That is an increase of 113% year on year. Is 4G going to make that much difference? The ability to view products faster allows buyers to view more products per minute, this seems like an obvious fact but if a buyer puts aside 10 minutes of browsing time on a break this increases the number of… Read more »

Getting ready for the busy time of year…

It seems too far away; but the busiest time of year is just around the corner. For the majority of sellers Q4 is the busiest time of year and where most of their annual sales come from. It all kicks off from early September, so to make life easier act now to have a smooth and successful end of the year. Sellers “to do list” for August: Decide on your product lines Research this year’s “hot products” and how you can leverage them Speak to suppliers and negotiate the best pricing Ensure you have space for stock Tidy out your warehousing space and ensure you are organized for the winter rush reduce and sell off old lines that don’t sell… Read more »