eBay Saved My Business, But BigCommerce Helped It Grow

Direct Plants

Regular readers of this blog will recall the story of Shaun O’Brien of Direct Plants and how eBay saved his business and changed his life. However, if you are new to this channel, and looking for an inspiring tale of how an entrepreneur pulled himself from the brink of poverty to building a multi-million-pound business on eBay, check out the podcast. One of the most refreshing things about speaking with Shaun was his openness about where he came from, his mistakes along the way, and how he actively embraced new opportunities as and when they presented themselves. Like many other entrepreneurs, Shaun wasn’t an eCommerce expert when he started selling online. He learned by trial and error, hard work and… Read more »

Black Friday: Old is the New New on eBay

Comedy is the new rock and roll, 50 is the new 30, and according to eBay’s UK boss, Murray Lambell, old is the new new this Black Friday. Speaking with the BBC, Lambell suggested that eBay will prioritise promoting second-hand and pre-loved items over new products this Black Friday. Lambell describes this new strategy, which looks a lot like how eBay used to look, as a move towards more “thoughtful consumption.” A Different Approach to Pre-Christmas Shopping According to Lambell, eBay wants to move away from the “buying for buying’s sake mentality” and focus on more sustainable shopping habits. As well as being kinder to the planet, Lambell also believes this focus on second-hand goods will help people with the… Read more »

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eBay’s 2022 Holiday Season Outlook

eBay has shared some practical insights into the 2022 holiday season across various product categories. The advice, which considers how the current economic uncertainty impacts buyers and sellers, focuses on a trend eBay calls “never-before-seen intentionality.” This trend suggests that consumers haven’t stopped shopping but are actively seeking highly personal and valued items to deliver the ideal gift. Highlighting the opportunity on eBay this holiday season, Adam Ireland, VP and GM of eBay US, said, “It’s only on eBay that shoppers can get so personal – so intentional – with their gifting, and that’s what we aim to broadcast on your behalf. To put you in the strongest holiday position possible, we’re going to focus shoppers’ attention on eBay’s endless gifting… Read more »

A Formula for Small Business Success This Christmas – A Little Optimism and a Lot of Hard Work

According to a recent survey by the accountancy software firm Intuit Quickbooks, small business owners in the US, Canada, and the UK are surprisingly optimistic about the 2022 holiday season. This news comes despite growing concerns about the cost of living crisis. According to the survey, 75% of UK small businesses expect to generate more revenue in the 2022 holiday season compared to 2021. Small businesses in the US are even more optimistic, with 77% of business owners expecting an increase in revenues. Upwards of 80% of small business owners expect eCommerce will drive significantly more revenue in 2022 when compared to the previous year. This online focus is despite the return to near-normal shopping conditions following global lockdowns and… Read more »

Small Business Success This Christmas

eBay Launches Seller Spotlight Podcast

eBay Podcast

We love a good podcast here at Frooition and so were delighted to learn that eBay has recently launched its own show: The eBay Seller Spotlight Podcast. The podcast, which is available across all major streaming channels, focuses on seller stories and is designed to offer an inspiring and entertaining look behind the scenes at some of the most successful eBay businesses. eBay Seller Spotlight The podcast kicked off its first episode earlier this month with an interview with Chase Clifford, who grew up collecting video games at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. He’s now a full-time eBay seller and offers rare and vintage scores through his store, Chase After the Right Price. Throughout the podcast, the interview… Read more »

Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton – One-Off Luxury on Amazon

Sellers on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon typically follow the “stack them high, sell them cheap” business strategy first coined by Sir Jack Cohen, founder of British supermarket chain Tesco. Flying in the face of this logic, luxury goods re-seller, What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA), has recently opened an online store on Amazon selling one-off luxury goods from brands including Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton. One-off items currently listed on the WGACA store include a pre-loved Red Clemence Evelyne III GM handbag by Hermès for $4,350 and a pre-loved Monogram Canvas Beverly bag by Louis Vuitton for $1,950. Luxury Goods and Online Marketplaces Luxury goods brands have been slow to recognise the potential of online marketplaces. Speaking… Read more »

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Amazon Announces Top 10 Toy List For Christmas 2022

Amazon Top 10 Toys

With the festive season primed to start a little earlier this year, Amazon has announced its Top 10 Toy list for Christmas 2022. As you might expect, the list features a number of big-name brands, including Lego, Playmobil, and Crayola. However, the list also features several apparently random toys, including a Dentist Play Set, suggesting that predicting trends in the toy business is as easy as pulling teeth. You can expect a brisk sales season if you are lucky enough to hold stock of these items in your eBay or Amazon store. However, if you’ve missed the boat, there may still be time to source similar products to meet demand. Top 10 Toys MathLink Cube Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set (Learning… Read more »

Sourcing Energy-Efficient Products For The Long Cold Winter

When sourcing new products to sell, it’s important to consider current consumer trends. Buying habits have shifted dramatically in response to rising fuel costs and ongoing economic uncertainty, according to a recent report by the UK-based online marketplace OnBuy. The report suggests that the British buying public is making shrewd buying decisions to help them save money on their energy bills this winter. What Are People Buying? Data from the online marketplace shows that items, including radiator reflectors, draught excluders, and air fryers, have soared by thousands of percent in recent weeks. Other current big sellers include clothes dryers and airers, which have soared by more than 6000% as households avoid using energy-guzzling tumble dryers, and sales of electric blankets… Read more »

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Black Friday Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

email marketing black friday

With Black Friday just around the corner, many online retailers will be focused on creating marketing campaigns to help them win a share of what could be a $10bn sales opportunity. As a low-cost, high-return marketing channel, email marketing should play a significant role in this strategy. However, with so many campaigns hitting consumers’ email inboxes In the days before the big day, it will be difficult for campaigns to stand out from the noise. So what does a successful Black Friday email marketing campaign look like? Black Friday Email Marketing Mistakes Marketers often make several “rookie” email marketing mistakes in the run-up to major sales events like Black Friday. These include: Last Minute Campaigns: By the time Black Friday… Read more »

eBay Partners with British Fashion Council to Launch £100,000 Circular Fashion Innovator’s Fund

eBay UK is partnering with the British Fashion Council to launch a £100,000 Circular Fashion Innovator’s Fund. The fund is designed to help small businesses in the circular fashion industry access new technology and deliver innovative solutions. eBay has long been championing the circular economy and has committed to maintaining its position as the leading online resale market for pre-loved and vintage fashions. The partnership with the British Fashion Council will allow eBay to access thought leaders in the industry and identify innovative projects that will benefit from additional funding. In addition, the partnership will work closely with the environmental charity, Hubbub, which will offer advice based on its experience in delivering grant funding. eBay’s Passion for Pre-Loved Fashion eBay… Read more »

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