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Promoting your e-commerce for the holidays


Summertime is drawing to a close and the holiday season is just around the corner – also known as the busiest quarter of the retailing year. Starting with Halloween at the end of October, and now incorporating some of the biggest dates in the retail calendar such as singles day and Black Friday, the holiday period is now more important to retail than ever before. This is a period of great opportunity, but also fierce competition. Here’s our advice on promoting your e-commerce store to ensure you get the most from this highly profitable time of year: Sell Everywhere Marketplaces are the central point of e-commerce. Many people now search eBay or Amazon for products before searching Google. A presence on key marketplaces… Read more »

Why cross selling is so important – and how so many eBay sellers are getting it wrong.

According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. When a customer is making a purchase, they are already in the mind set to buy.  It is the best time to sell them other products. Increasing average sale this way is what successful online entrepreneurs often refer to as “making all the profits on the back-end.” In 2006, Amazon reported that cross-selling and upselling contributed as much as 35% of their revenue. Both techniques are important to customer experience and maximising sales. The difference between cross selling and up selling      Which is right for your business? There is no reason not… Read more »

Writing compelling descriptions – even for boring products.

writing compelling descriptions

It is an easy mistake to make, To simply describe a product in the description. But why just describe it, when you can sell it? Talk to your audience Who is your product for? Is it for mountain climbers, parents of young children, or people who own a car? Writing compelling descriptions depends on you knowing your target audience. When you know your target audience, you will know how they like to be spoken to, what makes them laugh and why your product would benefit them. Sell the sizzle Establish what makes your product desirable, then tell people about that. Does it save your customer time or make them look good? Does it solve a problem? Is it faster or… Read more »

10 Stats that prove Black Friday is kind of a big deal.

Black friday sales

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving in the US. In recent years, UK retailers have been following their American friends and holding black Friday sales. Retail folk lore says that black Friday is the day retailers go out of the red and into the black. The spending is always epic. Some retailers such as Amazon have already started their Black Friday sales this year, over a week early, in an effort to draw more customers in. $4.45 billion was spent in the US on black Friday 2015. 74.2 million shoppers purchased. In the UK, £2 bilion was spent in 24 hours. 34% of black Friday purchases in 2015 were mobile. Electronics are always hot items on black Friday, and… Read more »

Guest Blog: StoreFeeder – The most effective way of growing sales

Guest Blog from Karl Ciz at StoreFeeder. I often get asked, what is the most effective way of growing sales?  There’s certainly no easy answer to that question, with a variety of key elements competing for seller’s time it can be difficult to focus on what really matters.  So let’s run through some of the key elements sellers should consider… Firstly it’s important to have the right product, something that’s attractive to market and that has enough margin to warrant the effort. Secondly you have to consider the long term market, are your items long-lived or repeatable sales items?  This will be helpful in working out when to look for new ranges to add to your portfolio of products. Thirdly,… Read more »

Do you know your margin?

Do you know your margin? This week, iwoca a finance specialist give great tips on how to keep your margins healthy. The first call of business for an eBay trader is to know their profit margin. Your margin determines the success of your business but how do you calculate a margin and what size of margin should you be aiming for? First look at your gross margin. This is simply the difference between the cost of goods from your supplier and the price at which you sell the product. It ignores operating costs. Let’s take an example from iwoca picks, a regularly updated selection of trade ideas. Carole is an eBay seller. She takes a small business loan of £2,700… Read more »

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? What’s in a name? Put simply… everything! A name shapes and defines as people associate by it, visualise by it, reflect and define by it. So when choosing a name, you are quite literally making or breaking its future success. “A good name should evoke a personal response from your target audience encouraging a desired association to your brand…” – Chris Reeves, Senior Marketing Executive, Frooition But, where to start? For this example, we’ll assume you’re trying to name a new business, the same process can be used for a company rebrand, new product or new service. Start by outlining words that reflect your future product i.e. fun, fresh, unique, strong, when deciding these words consider… Read more »

Frooition eBay Design Winner – PeSA 2012

Huge congratulations to Jeremy from, the winner of our FREE advanced eBay Design competition draw. The competition was very popular with over 100 different entries at our recent PeSA 2012 exhibition, with the eventual winner being drawn on Friday 1st of June. “I am so happy about winning this store. Words actually cannot explain. All I have wanted is to re-platform my current eBay store and listings. This prize is amazing!” – Jeremy Jeremy can look to enjoy all the benefits of a Frooition World Leading Design including: 100% custom design Increased visitor buyer confidence Increased average order values Intuitive navigation with easy product find On average, a massive sales increase of up to 30%! And so much more…… Read more »

People don’t just stop spending, they spend smarter!

People don’t just stop spending, they spend smarter! With last week’s recession news from the Government, we decided to take a look into the recent performance of online ecommerce, and contrary to the main UK economy, online ecommerce has grown massively year on year! According to IMRG UK online shoppers spent £5.8bn in March 2012 which is up 14% compared to the same period last year! There are many possible reasons why online ecommerce is bucking the recession trend and equally as many as to why you should be putting extra effort into your online ecommerce. Why online ecommerce might be bucking the recession trend:. Online perception that prices are cheaper Clients can price compare easily and quickly online Tip:… Read more »

MyMix eBay’s New Fashion Campaign

MyMix is eBay’s new fashion campaign which celebrates women’s individual ‘mix and match’ approach to style. Launching today, their new spring/summer campaign features fourteen major retailers and fashion brands which include Moda in Pelle, L.K. Bennett, Dune, House of Fraser, as well as French Connection who only just recently joined eBay’s fashion outlet in December last year. Interesting to note, most of the 14 top eBay fashion brand stores were designed and installed by Frooition the world’s largest eBay designer. These top brands are enjoying the many benefits of our designs including: 100% custom design Increased buyer confidence Intuitive navigation with easy product find On average, a massive sales increase of up to 30%! And much more… The MyMix… Read more »