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eBay Seller Release 12.1 – Top Rated Seller Update – (USA)

Seller Release 12.1 :: Top Rated Seller Requirements Update (Early June) All sellers should aim to become a Top Rated Seller to enjoy the many benefits it brings including fee discounts, exclusive search boost for fixed product listings, a strong badge of association and best of all increased sales from the massive buyer confidence associated with all Top Rated Sellers. (Please note, always refer to your relevant eBay website for the latest accurate information) Highlights, From June 1st Annual sales requirements for Top-rated status will be lowered from $3,000 to $1,000, so more sellers who provide a great service can enjoy the many benefits of becoming a Top Rated Seller Listings that offer 1-day or same day handling and… Read more »

Running your plan…

Running Your Plan Running a plan is like taking a night drive home, even though you can only see 50 feet in front of you at times, you know eventually you’ll get there. You may need to adjust your route several times depending on what becomes visible, but sticking fast to your objectives and watching the road you’ll find the quickest and safest route to your destination. Likewise with a plan, unexpected events will happen along the way and you may need to update and deviate perhaps several times but by drawing back to your objectives and holding fast to your plan you will get there. Stay Fuelled – Your Mindset If you want to make the whole journey you… Read more »

It’s all in the planning…

“Fail to plan, plan to fail…” We’ve all heard this before, and how true it is! Have you ever gone food shopping and thought, if only I’d drawn up a shopping list, I wouldn’t miss a thing; I’d be done in half the time, and best of all without having to wrestle my way through the shop feeling exhausted and confused at the end like I’ve achieved nothing. Whether planning your shopping trip, starting a business, or creating your marketing campaigns things always go smoother with a plan. Benefits of planning: Saves time limits distractions Increases productivity Massively reduces stress And you’ll feel good too! Where do I start? First off, take a breath, it’s not as complicated as you… Read more »

Want to increase your eBay Christmas sales by up to a massive 30%?

“Design is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any eBay sellers store and listings” In as little as 3 seconds your prospective buyers decide whether or not they will engage with you and buy your products, so you need to not only have great products but have the image that supports your products in all the right ways. Being seen as a serious trust worthy and reliable seller makes the difference between getting the sale or not… Fortunately, when it comes to great design, you’re not alone… Frooition is the World’s leading eBay design company and with over 78,000 clients they have produced some truly outstanding designs. Their World Leading eBay Designs are proven to enhance visitors buying… Read more »

eBay X-Commerce, Innovate 2011- What an exciting event!

“Let’s redefine the future of commerce together” X-Commerce, eBay’s innovate developer conference for 2011 was held in San Francisco this year, this exciting three day event was all about bringing together the most comprehensive set of commerce products and capabilities on the planet all in one place. The vision, “to help merchants and businesses of all sizes compete and thrive in the fast-changing world of social, local, mobile, digital driven commerce.” and there goal “to inspire developers and partners to create this new world”. So what is X-Commerce? X-Commerce is the platform that will combine the power of eBay, PayPal, Magento, and all the commerce might of the eBay Inc family into one location enhanced by solution providers and developers… Read more »

Google Products Reminder

Google products reminder! With the latest Google Products update in full swing, we just wanted to send another reminder on this update and what it means to you and eBay Sellers. Last week, Google updated their product search algorithm to exclude many items including eBay listings which don’t have product identifiers. This means if your eBay products do not have product identifiers, you could lose massive search engine traffic and receive fewer sales! eBay Says “In general, if your item has a UPC, ISBN, or EAN but you don’t include it in your listing, you may significantly reduce the possibility that your listing will appear in external search engine results.” As a seller, what does this mean to you? If… Read more »

Frooition’s Brand New Website, Launching Today!

Excitingly, we’re launching our new website today! To live up to our clients expectations, and meet our reputation of ‘World Leading Designs’, we’ve launched our new website. You can now quickly and easily find information on all of our exciting services, including eBay Design, Facebook Design and Ecommerce Web Design! Our fantastic design services include: Professional eBay Design A few benefits of our eBay design services include: Stay Ahead of your competitors Improve Buyer Confidence Enhance Your Buying Experience Reduce Your Costs Increased Average Order Value Proven to Increase Your Sales by up to a Massive 30%! Visit Frooition eBay Design Facebook Design A few benefits of our Facebook design services include: Market on the World’s Largest Social Network, Facebook… Read more »

Social Media as a Marketing Opportunity

As an eBay seller it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday graft of just keeping your operation running. You might be drowning in brown tape and jiffy bags and making sure you make it to the post office in time, but remember there’s a whole world out there. eBay is a walled garden. It’s busy and has millions of buyers for you. But there’s more to the internet than eBay. You can boost your eBay sales by marketing online. One of the most talked about opportunities is social media marketing. That means sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and other activities such as blogging. Twitter has grown phenomenally in the past year or so and is now… Read more »

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2010 – Special Discount for Frooition Customers

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2010 – Special Discount for Frooition Customers £200 (Save £49 from standard £249 ticket price) As a sponsor of ChannelAdvisor’s Annual Catalyst event, to be held at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London on April 12-13, 2010, Frooition are pleased to offer their customers a special discount on event tickets. Joining Frooition at Catalyst will be senior managers from eBay, Amazon and Google as well as some of the UK’s leading online retailers. There are only 30 tickets left and these will be sold on a first come, first served basis. “Enter the discount code FROO2010“ To redeem your special discount book online at and enter the discount code FROO2010 when prompted.

UK officially out of Recession

The UK is officially out of recession, with GDP growing a tenth of one percent in the period October to December 2009. That’s a disappointment to economists as the forecast was for four tenths, but for the country as a whole it’s still a positive indicator that the economy is starting to recover. One worry is that the economy is still fragile and there’s the possibility of a “Double Dip” recession if the recovery stalls and GDP shrinks in the first quarter of 2010. Over the last year the economy has contracted by around six to seven percent, and without a recession growth should have been around four percent so the country has seen a loss of around ten percent… Read more »