Category: Seller Release 13.1 Seller Release 13.1:: Global Shipping Program

EBay want to make it easier to connect sellers with buyers and they don’t want a little thing like an ocean  to stand in the way! That is why they have introduced the fantastic Global Shipping Program. The global shipping program allows sellers to reach international buyers without the worry of customs, insurance and all the typical paperwork involved with international selling. All the seller needs to do is simply ship the parcel to eBay’s local shipping center and eBay handle the rest. Seller Release 13.1 sees the Global shipping program opened up to more sellers as an optional service that will open many sellers up to millions more buyers! Key Features: Sellers can ship to a local center and… Read more » Seller Release 13.1:: Introduction of Same Day Handling

This Feature applies to & EBay are introducing an option to offer same day handling times for sellers that can provide this level of service. Currently sellers may be able to provide same day handling but have to state a minimum of 1 day handling to buyers, this means the buyer receives great customer service but the seller cannot shout about a feature that will put them ahead of the competition. The same day handling time will allow sellers to set a 0 day handling time but also set a cut off time; so any items sold before 3pm will be eligible for same day dispatch, after 3pm it will be next day dispatch. Key Features: EBay will… Read more » Seller Release 13.1:: Shorter Unpaid Item Claim Filing

This Feature applies to & EBay recognize that for many sellers time is money; the longer it takes for a seller to file a UPI (Unpaid Item Claim) the more is costs the seller. As a result eBay are shortening the length of time before a seller can file an unpaid item claim from 4 days to 2 days, this will mean the seller can relist that item and make a sale 2 days sooner.  This will allow sellers to turn their inventory over more quickly and make more efficient sales. Key Features: eBay are reducing the waiting time before a seller can raise a UPI claim from 4 days to 2 days Sellers can open a claim… Read more » Seller Release 13.1:: Best Offer Immediate Payment

This Feature applies to & Like fixed priced listings, Best Offer purchases will also require immediate payment once both parties have accepted the offer. Key Features: Once a Best offer is accepted by both the seller and  the buyer immediate payment will be required EBay are matching the retail standard of immediate payment for an item. Applies to all sellers Stops  unnecessary tying up stock The Frooition software is compatible with this feature. Live date: May 20th 2013 Seller Release 13.1:: Fixed Priced Immediate Payment

This Feature applies to & EBay are making changes to help seller’s cash flow and stock turn over by introducing mandatory immediate payment for fixed priced listings, this welcomed move brings eBay inline with traditional retail standards. This will ensure sellers don’t have stock tied up that hasn’t been paid for and cannot be resold, currently sellers have to wait at least 4 days before filing an unpaid item claim, during which time they cannot resell the item. Key Features: All fixed price/buy it now listings will automatically require immediate payment EBay are matching the retail standard of immediate payment for an item. A fixed price/buy it now item will still be available for purchase until payment is… Read more » Seller Release 13.1:: Feedback Protection

This Feature applies to & EBay have taken steps to help protect sellers by introducing feedback protection for unpaid item claims. Currently if a seller files an UPI (unpaid item claim) against a buyer and wins the buyer can still leave negative feedback that unfairly harms the seller’s reputation. The new system automatically removes buyer feedback if a seller wins the UPI claim. Key Features: Feedback will be removed for sellers that win a UPI claim Seller standards are also protected for sellers that win a UPI claim Live Date: TBA Seller Release 13.1:: Changes to Top Rated Seller status

In order to provide and encourage the best possible experience for their buyers, eBay are upgrading the standards required to achieve Top Rated Seller (TRS) Status. Key Highlights: Minimum sales value to move from £2,500 to £1,000 in the past year Maximum count of 1-2 star detailed seller ratings will be 0.5% or 2 Updated TRS badge on listings Better visibility in Best Match search results 15%  Discount for Final Value Fees on Top Rated Seller Requirements: In order to achieve TRS status you must: Offer a minimum returns period of 14 calendar days (using the new returns policy options) Offer 1 or same day dispatch Offer an express delivery option (delivery within 1 day) Offer a free postage… Read more » Seller Release 13.1:: Business policies

This Feature applies to & EBay are introducing new business policy pre-sets to save sellers time and create uniform seller information across a seller’s listings. The Business policies will allow eBay sellers to define payment, shipping, and returns information as global settings pre-sets. This will allow sellers to create different “sets” of information and apply different information to different types of listing. This is especially useful for domestic and international products or for products that have different policies – such as large items that use different couriers. Key Highlights: Sellers can set payment, shipping and returns information once and add it to an item during the listing process This is an optional feature and is currently an opt-in… Read more » Seller Release 13.1:: Free additional Pictures

In order to provide a rich user experience and improve seller trust eBay have announced that sellers can upload up to 12 images FREE of charge. Sellers will still be able to purchase the supersize pack to further improve their listings. Key Highlights: Sellers can upload up to 12 images free of charge in any category The eBay Picture Pack is now redundant and will be removed Live Date: 1st August 2013 Seller Release 13.1:: Picture Quality Policy Enforcement

This Feature applies to & EBay are announcing the enforcement of the new picture policy that was detailed in Seller Release 12.1. The picture policy creates a better browsing experience for buyers and creates a more level playing field for sellers. The new picture policy also ensures that customers see what they are buying rather than a polished stock photograph that is not representative of a used item. Key Highlights: Standards will be actively enforced from July 1st 2013 After July 1st new listings breaching the policy will fail to list After July 1st existing live listings breaching the policy will stay live but cannot be relisted or revised without changing the pictures The Frooition software supports error… Read more »