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eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Links Policy Update, Coming Very Soon!

Links Policy Update, Helping Sellers and Buyers eBay’s current ‘Links Policy’ has created many problems for Sellers, and created even more risks for buyers.These risks have reduced buyer confidence and decreased sales for many fair Sellers on eBay. So it comes as no surprise that eBay are updating their ‘Links Policy’, to provide a safer and more consistent buying experience on eBay. Key Highlights Policy Enforcement: eBay will block any listings with violations before they go live, reducing seller hassles and frustrations Buyers will not see violating listings Sellers will not accidentally violate the policy New links eBay will not allow: Personal email addresses (e.g. Links which cannot be tracked (e.g. Shortened URLS like and Non‐click able web… Read more »

Cross Border selling could lower your eBay Fees and save you money!

Fees are one of the biggest changes occurring on eBay sites around the world following the recent Spring Seller Release update. For some sellers the fee changes are in their favour, but for many sellers it will represent an increase in fees. There are also now different ways that fees are calculated for sellers depending which site they list on. Sellers listings on will pay fees on shipping costs whilst business sellers in the UK will pay flat rate fees on the whole of the final value of the sale excluding shipping costs. This opens up some interesting possibilities for listing on alternative eBay sites, especially for products attractive to overseas buyers. As an example a UK seller listing… Read more »

Apply discounts the easy way with eBay Markdown Manager

It’s the time of year for sales, and if you’ve not considered holding an eBay sale in your shop now is the time to do so. The high street sales started early this year with some retailers starting their online sales as early as Christmas Eve. At 5pm on Christmas Eve when John Lewis stores shut they will be starting their online sale and many other retailers will be discounting over the holiday period both online and in-store. With the snowy weather just before Christmas many people delayed trips to the shops and still have disposable income to spend, but with the recession still biting are price conscious and are looking for a bargain at the time of the year… Read more »

Why eBay item specifics are important

Item Specifics have always been important on eBay, but never more so than today. In some categories such as Clothes Shoes and Accessories they’re absolutely essential if you want your products to be found, but in truth your sales will be harmed if you don’t use them in all the categories that you list in. The task has been made somewhat easier for certain products for which eBay have catalog data, but in other categories it’s up to you the seller to fill out Item Specifics. So what exactly do Item Specifics do? Well you’ve probably noticed that whenever you search for an item on eBay you have the ability to narrow down your search using the left navigation bar.… Read more »

Why use eBay Product Catalogue

Why you should use eBay catalogue. Listing and shop design has always been high on the list of priorities for eBay sellers, which is why so many opt for a Frooition custom design template. Professional sellers wish to portray a branded image on eBay and a simple text or boiler plate design just doesn’t cut the mustard. However when listing using eBay catalogue the seller’s design is often pushed down the listing template and buyers may not scroll far enough to see anything more than the page header and catalogue information before making a buying decision. If buyers don’t see your template they miss out on your branding and more importantly your cross promotions to other items, and yet there… Read more »

Solve duplicate listing issues with Multi-Variation Listings

Ending Duplicate listings on have recently introduced a new item duplication policy which comes into force on the 26th October 2010. The highlights of the policy are that if you have multiple quantities of a particular product you must list them as a single multiple quantity fixed price listing. eBay have also warned that if you do have multiple listings they must be to specifically address different buyer needs, e.g. single and bulk quantities of the same item. There is also a warning that sellers cannot use more than one eBay account to list the same products, you’re limited to a single listing for a specific item across all of your eBay User IDs. For items that are… Read more »

Frooition Update: We Now Support eBay Multi-Variation Listings!

The Frooition team have been hard at work implementing a much requested feature from our users: eBay’s Multi-Variation Listings!  We’re pretty confident you’re going to really enjoy using this new feature! eBay’s Multi-Variation Listing Format: eBay offer a multi-variation listing format that will enable you to showcase your stock and offer buyers great selection from just one listing. Price each variation of your item just the way you want and sell all the colours and sizes for a single listing fee. Multi-variation listings help your customers to find what they want – and you can now list multi-variation listings from your Frooition Freedom account! What Is A Variation? Instead of creating a separate listing for a product that has a… Read more »

How the UK Emergency Budget affects Online Merchants

The emergency budget was almost certainly bad news for most of the country, and few will remain unaffected although it’s intended that those with the lowest earnings will be hit least. Reductions in child tax credits will be reduced or removed for the highest paid workers and change to income tax will also assist lower paid workers with no benefit to higher rate tax payers. However the budget sets out a clear mandate for private businesses with measure to assist them, whilst there are no surprises that government spending in the public sector has been hit hard. There will be a two-year pay freeze for public sector workers earning more than £21,000, although the 1.7 million lower paid workers will… Read more »

Making the Most of your eBay About Me Page

Lots of eBay sellers don’t even know about their About Me page. Even fewer actually take advantage of it and make sure it is working hard for them. Building a successful eBay profile is about using all the tools eBay makes available. If you’re not using your About me page, you’re missing a trick. What IS an About me page? It’s exactly what it says it says in the tin! A page for you to tell other eBayers about yourself, your business and the things you sell. You can make and edit your About Me page via My eBay. You don’t need any special skills but if you have some coding or design experience, so much the better. Unusually for… Read more »

The Impact of Professional Branding Online

Branding is possibly the single most important thing you can do for your online business. Apart from price and availability of product there’s little else to distinguish you from any other online merchant. Strong branding make the difference between getting the sale or not. Service only matters once the buyer has made a purchase. Until that point, a strong brand is the only way to set yourself apart from competitors. Your brand tells customers that they’re looking at one of your eBay auctions or your online shop. A memorable brand sets you apart. Your brand helps customers remember the great service they received from you in the past. It gives them the confidence to shop again. If you look at… Read more »