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Increase your eBay sales by optimising your eBay listing titles!

Increase your eBay sales by optimising your eBay listing titles! Choosing the right keywords is crucial for your eBay listing strategy, often making the difference between being found and making the sale and not… When building your eBay product listing titles, consider: Your Professional Look The Relevancy of product keywords Keywords which have sufficient search volumes Ensure you meet eBay guidelines Did you know? If your product titles look strong enough they can even win an audience with prospective buyers over cheaper competitor listings! Look professional… Once your products are found in search results, your product titles are the first point of contact between you and your prospective buyers, so it’s imperative that your listing titles look clean and professional… Read more »

Frooition’s Brand New Website, Launching Today!

Excitingly, we’re launching our new website today! To live up to our clients expectations, and meet our reputation of ‘World Leading Designs’, we’ve launched our new website. You can now quickly and easily find information on all of our exciting services, including eBay Design, Facebook Design and Ecommerce Web Design! Our fantastic design services include: Professional eBay Design A few benefits of our eBay design services include: Stay Ahead of your competitors Improve Buyer Confidence Enhance Your Buying Experience Reduce Your Costs Increased Average Order Value Proven to Increase Your Sales by up to a Massive 30%! Visit Frooition eBay Design Facebook Design A few benefits of our Facebook design services include: Market on the World’s Largest Social Network, Facebook… Read more »

Your products might stop appearing in Google!

Your eBay products might stop appearing in Google! Last month, Google updated their search algorithm to exclude many eBay listings which don’t have product identifiers. This means if your eBay products do not have product identifiers, you could lose massive search engine traffic and receive fewer sales! eBay Says “In general, if your item has a UPC, ISBN, or EAN but you don’t include it in your listing, you may significantly reduce the possibility that your listing will appear in external search engine results.” As a seller, what does this mean to you? If you don’t list your eBay products with product identifiers you are less likely to be indexed by product-based search engines (this includes Google!). If your products… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay Deadline Calendar

  eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay Deadline Calendar In efforts to help you with the latest eBay Seller Release Updates, we have produced this nice eBay Calendar for the future eBay Release dates. Click Here to download a printable PDF version Please note, this is just a guide, for the latest information always refer to the relevant eBay website

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay UK Gets a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay UK Gets a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue :: Affects UK Only With the huge success of eBay catalogue, eBay are introducing a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue to improve the eBay experience for both Sellers and Buyers. The new update will allow sellers to list to Vehicle Parts faster and easier, by identifying all vehicles that a particular part fits. Key Highlights Sellers will be able to show all vehicles a particular part fits in one listing Search a catalogue of parts and specify which vehicles are suitable Add up to 1000 vehicles to each listing Cut down the number of duplicate parts listings No need to include vehicle in the title As a seller, how does… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay Resolution Centre Update

eBay Resolution Centre Update :: Affects US & UK Retaining strong customer feedback is ever more important on eBay, and with these latest changes, eBay are going to give greater opportunity for Sellers to protect their performance evaluations. From 31st August, if a buyer opens an eBay protection case without first contacting the seller, and the seller resolves the issues within 3 working days, the case may be excluded from the seller’s performance evaluation. Key Highlights If a buyer opens a Buyer Protection Case without messaging the seller first, the seller will have 3 days to resolve the problem before it impacts on their feedback. eBay is also reducing the time before a buyer can refer a case to eBay… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Top­seller Rated Changes

Top­seller Rated Changes :: Affects UK & DE Planning ahead on eBay can be a real headache, especially when stressing to balance those all important DSR’s. In order to help Sellers, eBay are introducing a grace period of 3 months where sellers won’t lose their status, and can try to bring their DSR’s back to standard. Key Highlights Sellers will be given a 3 month “grace” period to resolve issues and improve their score before  their Top Rated Status will be affected As a seller, how does this help you? You can spend less time worrying about a ‘one‐off’ issue that might otherwise result in you losing your eTRS status. Giving you more time to work on a strong eBay marketing plan!… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay Tickets and Stub Hub

eBay Tickets and Stub Hub :: August 2011 :: Affects US Only eBay are improving the eBay Ticket Finding and Buying experience by developing event based landing pages with interactive seat maps. This will make it easier for Sellers to list and massively enhance the buyers Ticket buying experience on eBay!   Key Highlights Event based landing pages with interactive seat maps will be integrated into the eBay Ticket Finding and Buying Experience Buyers will be able to find tickets for specific events quicker and easier than before, improving the eBay shopping experience and sales Shoppers will be able to shop by venue seat location eBay catalogue changes to StubHub Catalogue Category roll‐down to highlight Sports, Concerts and Theatres as… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay Catalogue Update

eBay Catalogue Update :: August 2011 :: Affects US / UK / DE Improving clients shopping experience on eBay is absolutely paramount for the continued success of eBay Sellers everywhere. As part of eBay’s core strategy to improve both the Sellers and Buyers eBay experience, eBay have opened up their catalogue to allow product creation. This will hugely increase the speed of listing to eBay and drastically increase product listing accuracy, there’s no question, this update will increase your eBay sales and enhance the overall eBay experience! Key Highlights eBay Product Catalogue will be available in many categories for everyone to create new products from Mid‐August As a seller, how does this help me? Time is always of the essence, and… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Fashion Classification Mandates

Fashion Classification Mandates :: July 20th :: Affects US / UK / DE Did you know that in the eBay fashion categories, more than 40% of eligible listings lacked size, nearly 20% excluded Brand, and more than 50% currently exclude colour! So, it’s no surprise eBay are mandating key item specifics to unlock this massive sales potential being missed by so many Sellers on eBay. This will critically improve the eBay shoppers buying experience and increase sales. Key Highlights From 20th July, item specific details will be required for all new and revised listings in Fashion Items that fail to meet these new definitions by July 20th will be ended As a seller, how does this help me? Buyers will… Read more »