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eBay Partners With FedEx to Simplify Shipping for Sneaker Sellers

eBay has announced a partnership with FedEx to simplify the process of selling authenticated sneakers on its US marketplace. Starting in October, eBay will enable sneaker sellers using the sneaker authentication service to print a FedEx shipping label to ship their sneakers to authentication centres free of charge. When sneaker sellers use this free service, they will also benefit from loss and damage protections if anything goes wrong during the first leg of shipping to the authenticator. Free FedEx Shipping Labels Free labels can be printed at your home or workplace using eBay Labels from your desktop or the eBay app. If you don’t have access to a printer, eBay Labels can automatically email you a QR code which can… Read more »

How Online Marketplaces Are Dominating The eCommerce Landscape

As you would expect in any high-tech industry, the eCommerce landscape is a rapidly evolving space. Unfortunately, the speed of change often means that the “next big thing” can be with us one minute and then gone the next. This can make it difficult for online retailers to prioritise where they should invest their efforts. So, if you struggle to understand where items like cryptocurrency payments or an investment in the metaverse sit on your list of priorities, you’re not alone. But what would you say if we told you that the next big thing in eCommerce was something you are already very familiar with? The Future of eCommerce Looks A Lot Like eBay and Amazon With many retailers viewing… Read more »

eBay Beats Depop and Vinted For Pre-Loved Fashion Bargains

eBay is the cheapest online marketplace to buy pre-loved fashion in the UK, according to research by the discount retail site The study analysed pricing data for 20 popular fashion brands, including Dior, Nike, and YEEZY, across eBay, Depop, and Vinted. The research found that pricing across the three marketplaces varied dramatically, with eBay typically featuring the lowest prices for pre-loved fashions. Lowest Prices for Pre-Loved Fashion The analysis showed that 12 out of 20 researched items were priced significantly lower on eBay than Depop and Vinted. Only five items were cheaper on Depop and three on Vinted. Highlighting the price differences across the various online marketplaces, the study showed a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1’s were priced… Read more »

Will Relisting Slow Moving eBay Listings Impact My eBay Sales History?

eBay Listing Optimisation

We recently published a blog post highlighting how eBay listings with zero sales activity over the last 90 days may impact negatively on your entire product catalogue’s visibility in eBay search. We suggested that eBay sellers should therefore stop, optimise and relist any slow-moving items to protect their wider items’ visibility on the online marketplace. We also reported that it might not be a good idea to continuously run listings for some seasonal products (like Easter Eggs) in the hope of the occasional out-of-season sale. The article created quite a stir in the community. Many sellers suggested that such a move would negatively impact their eBay sales history and potentially further damage their visibility. So who was right? Well, it… Read more »

Has eBay Finally Found Its Niche In The Circular Economy?

eBay Circular Economy

In 1995, a random shopper purchased a broken laser pointer from a fledgling online auction site and, unbeknown to him at the time, became eBay’s first-ever buyer. The story of this mystery shopper became part of the folklore behind one of the Internet’s biggest and most loved brands. Twenty years later, Mark Fraser was identified as the legend who bid $14.83 to buy what was essentially a broken item. In a short video celebrating eBay’s 20th anniversary, Fraser revealed the reason behind his purchase. It’s a story that many eBay buyers and sellers will identify with today. Make do and mend At the time of the purchase, Fraser worked in a job that took him out on the road to… Read more »

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced (BETA) Updates

eBay has announced the release of new features to its Promoted Listings Advanced (BETA) advertising service. The changes are designed to enhance eBay sellers’ ability to reach more buyers from eBay searches. The online marketplace has expanded the number of available slots at the top of eBay search results, creating more opportunities for sellers’ listings to reach interested buyers. Previously, only the top slot of search could be targeted. Therefore, this expansion means even more opportunities to scale the visibility of your listings. Because both Promoted Listings Standard ads and organic listings are still eligible to appear in the top 4 slots, it is essential to optimise your listings to ensure that you have the highest quality listings for the… Read more »

The Cost of Living Crisis: How Online Retailers Can Weather The Storm

The cost of living crisis caused by rising energy costs and the subsequent squeeze on household budgets will hit online retail businesses hard this winter. Not only will people have less money to spend on little luxuries and everyday essentials, but the cost of doing business will also soar as suppliers pass on ever-increasing expenses to their clients. We are not pulling any punches here. Christmas 2022 is going to be challenging for many retailers. While there is no “magic bullet” to solve the problem, there are a number of levers businesses can pull to help them better weather the storm. 10 Tips To Help Online Retail Businesses Survive The Cost of Living Crisis Liquidate Distressed Inventory Immediately: When every… Read more »

Why Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Brands Like Peloton Cannot Ignore Online Marketplaces Like eBay and Amazon

Peloton Interactive Inc, the brand that essentially re-invented the home exercise bike, has announced it will start selling its “bikes” and accessories on This is a significant move for the company that previously only sold direct-to-consumer via its own eCommerce channels and retail stores. Ironically, for a company that sells stationary bikes, Peloton has been on a bit of a journey in recent years. The company saw incredible growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, with lockdown closing gyms and forcing people to look for alternative exercise options. However, as the world emerged from the pandemic, it has struggled to maintain traction, with media reports highlighting how the company lost more than half of its value in recent months. Peloton’s changing… Read more »

Online Marketplace Sales Worth £282bn To UK Economy

Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon might be the first step many small businesses take on their online retail journey, but that doesn’t mean the scale of the opportunity isn’t significant. According to a recent report in Internet Retailing, the UK is home to approximately 882,000 businesses selling on online marketplaces, turning over a staggering £282bn a year. That’s the equivalent of 6% of all UK business turnover, and that figure is set to grow. Online Marketplaces: A Growth Industry The report suggests that revenues for companies selling on online marketplaces are growing at a rate of 9.4% a year, compared to just 7.4% growth enjoyed by other online sellers. Much of this growth can be attributed to the global… Read more »

eBay Collaborates With Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri To Promote Non-Fast Fashion

eBay UK is “coupling up” with Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri in what is described as the first non-fast fashion brand partnership to come out of the cult TV series. The collaboration is part of eBay’s continued commitment to change how consumers shop for clothes. eBay currently sells a piece of pre-loved fashion every second. The online marketplace originally partnered with the ITV2 reality TV show to dress its contestants in pre-loved fashion for the summer show. The brand ambassador partnership with Tasha Ghouri is the latest in a long line of high-profile collaborations promoting the circular economy, including the recently announced partnership with MTV to resurrect the motor makeover show Pimp My Ride. Pre-Loved Fashion Style Icon eBay highlights the… Read more »