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Bulk Revision – Now Even Better!

Frooition multiple design bulk revision

Frooition have created a whole host of eBay certified listing tools and software. But our most popular is eBay Bulk Revision. Doing just as its name suggests, Bulk Revision allows sellers to revise and edit listings in bulk lots. Using bulk edit, you can edit a thousand listings in the same time or less than it would take you to manually edit one. For sellers with hundreds or thousands of listings, Bulk Edit changes the working day. It gives sellers time away from listing products so that they can focus on marketing and fulfilment. Recently, Frooition made huge updates to this classic tool. Sellers who have trialled the new and improved Bulk Revision have been thrilled with even bigger time savings. Here’s… Read more »

People don’t just stop spending, they spend smarter!

People don’t just stop spending, they spend smarter! With last week’s recession news from the Government, we decided to take a look into the recent performance of online ecommerce, and contrary to the main UK economy, online ecommerce has grown massively year on year! According to IMRG UK online shoppers spent £5.8bn in March 2012 which is up 14% compared to the same period last year! There are many possible reasons why online ecommerce is bucking the recession trend and equally as many as to why you should be putting extra effort into your online ecommerce. Why online ecommerce might be bucking the recession trend:. Online perception that prices are cheaper Clients can price compare easily and quickly online Tip:… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay UK Gets a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay UK Gets a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue :: Affects UK Only With the huge success of eBay catalogue, eBay are introducing a New Vehicle Parts Catalogue to improve the eBay experience for both Sellers and Buyers. The new update will allow sellers to list to Vehicle Parts faster and easier, by identifying all vehicles that a particular part fits. Key Highlights Sellers will be able to show all vehicles a particular part fits in one listing Search a catalogue of parts and specify which vehicles are suitable Add up to 1000 vehicles to each listing Cut down the number of duplicate parts listings No need to include vehicle in the title As a seller, how does… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: eBay Resolution Centre Update

eBay Resolution Centre Update :: Affects US & UK Retaining strong customer feedback is ever more important on eBay, and with these latest changes, eBay are going to give greater opportunity for Sellers to protect their performance evaluations. From 31st August, if a buyer opens an eBay protection case without first contacting the seller, and the seller resolves the issues within 3 working days, the case may be excluded from the seller’s performance evaluation. Key Highlights If a buyer opens a Buyer Protection Case without messaging the seller first, the seller will have 3 days to resolve the problem before it impacts on their feedback. eBay is also reducing the time before a buyer can refer a case to eBay… Read more »

eBay Seller Release 11.2 :: Top­seller Rated Changes

Top­seller Rated Changes :: Affects UK & DE Planning ahead on eBay can be a real headache, especially when stressing to balance those all important DSR’s. In order to help Sellers, eBay are introducing a grace period of 3 months where sellers won’t lose their status, and can try to bring their DSR’s back to standard. Key Highlights Sellers will be given a 3 month “grace” period to resolve issues and improve their score before  their Top Rated Status will be affected As a seller, how does this help you? You can spend less time worrying about a ‘one‐off’ issue that might otherwise result in you losing your eTRS status. Giving you more time to work on a strong eBay marketing plan!… Read more »

Item conditions are now required on eBay listings.

Since the 27th July 2010, the new item condition values will be necessary for new, relisted and revised listings in most eBay categories. If your listings do not included the item condition your new listing or revision will be blocked by eBay. This leaves sellers with a bit of a task, relist all your items from scratch to contain the item condition, or if you use sell similar to relist your items you’ll need to amend each listing to include the new item condition value or your relist will fail – Certainly a time consuming problem for sellers to face. So how can eBay sellers apply item conditions to their listings without it becoming a drain on your precious time… Read more »