Author: Vanessa McDowell

What are the Benefits of an eBay Store and When Should You Upgrade Yours?

Benefits of an ebay store

The benefits of an eBay store depend on several things: Which country you are selling in, as fee structures and even shop types are different in the US and the UK for example. Whether the majority of your listings are fixed price or auctions. How many listings you have. For US sellers, the value of your sales each month and what category they are in, as there are fee discounts in some categories for store owners. eBay Store Benefits There are extra perks to having a higher level store, for example in the UK and US you get vouchers towards eBay branded packaging supplies. In the UK there’s a monthly £10 voucher for Featured Shop subscribers and a £20 voucher… Read more »

eBay Alternatives – Where to Sell in 2023

eBay Alternatives

  As the number of online marketplaces increases, are there any real eBay alternatives? The obvious one is Amazon, and many merchants on eBay also sell on Amazon, but beyond these two, what then? Let’s take a look at the stats of sales on online marketplaces other than these big two and see what, if any, viable eBay alternatives there are:   eBay Alternatives Comparison Table   Site  Third Party Merchandise Value Country Category  eBay 73.9 billion US$ Global General  Walmart 33    billion US$ US General  Houzz 14     billion US$ US Home Décor and DIY Etsy 11.8  billion US$ Global Arts, Crafts, Vintage OnBuy 229  million US$ UK General  Bonanza 185  million US$ US General  Newegg Not disclosed US General but… Read more »

Pro Tips for Selling on eBay to Boost Your Performance.

Tips for Selling on eBay

Here are our tips for selling on eBay from professional sellers and experts – dive in. eBay’s Cassini search engine uses an algorithm to decide which products to display first when a buyer searches for a product on eBay. That algorithm looks at listing titles and descriptions but also takes several other factors into account. You need to know what they are so you can give your listing the best chance of appearing high up in the eBay search results. So, what are the factors eBay considers in deciding where to rank your listing, and what can you do to improve your eBay search rankings? eBay Selling Tips We’ve compiled a list of three metrics that eBay looks at before… Read more »

How to Write eBay Descriptions That Sell More Items

eBay Descriptions

Don’t waste all the hard work that you’ve put into sourcing an excellent product, providing clear and attractive pictures, crafting the perfect title, and putting in place good and fast shipping policies and fair return policies by then falling at the final hurdle with eBay descriptions that don’t quite hit the mark. eBay Descriptions Should Tell the Buyer Everything They Need to Know The buyer wants to know whether this product will fill their need, solve their problem, or offers better value than the other products available. So, when writing your description, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Imagine you are in the market for a lawnmower. What would you want to know about it, and what are the benefits… Read more »

Big Changes to eBay Product Research

eBay Product Research

eBay product research has always been a bit tricky. There are lots of tools for Amazon sellers that can show them how many of something sells in an average week or month but there hasn’t been a reliable research tool for eBay.  There is now, as you’ll find out further down the page but first, we want to cover what’s changed recently in eBay product research and show you a way to access the data you used to be able to see easily, then we’ll cover our new tool at the end, both are useful. If you’ve ever done product research on eBay, you’ve probably looked at the sales history of similar items to those you are considering selling. This… Read more »

Top Tips to Optimise Your eBay Titles

eBay Title Optimisation

Titles are one of the most important aspects of your eBay listings. You must get your titles right if you want to sell more on the online marketplace. A good eBay title not only improves your chances of appearing in eBay search. It will also influence more potential buyers to click on your items. However, mastering eBay titles can be a challenging task. With only 80 characters to work with, if you want to persuade buyers that your item is the right one for them, you will have to use each of those characters wisely. To help you write more discoverable, engaging, and profitable titles, the eBay experts at Frooition have compiled a list of top tips from our community… Read more »