Author: Jessica McDonald

How to prepare your eBay store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday

Black Friday and cyber Monday are approaching and customers are getting ready to do some serious shopping. But are you ready for a sudden spike in sales? Here are ten things we recommend every eBay store should do to get ready for Black Friday:

November and December will be busy. Time will be scarce. Prepare your marketing materials in advance so that you can focus on customer service and fulfilling orders during the busy holiday shopping period.

1. Write item descriptions, blog posts and advert copy. If you use social media scheduling, write social posts in advance.

2. Prepare store graphics. Graphics promoting your sale will encourage customers to explore your store. The longer they are in your store, the more likely they are to buy there. Ebay stores with our signature package can simply drag and drop their seasonal sale graphics into place, but it is still best to have the graphic prepared in advance.

3. It is much easier to sell to existing customers than to new customers. Design a mail out campaign to target people who have bought from you in the past. Some of the key emails to include are:

  • Anticipation email, teasing with some discounts that will be available
  • Announcement of the sale
  • Reminder of when sale ends

4. Sell off old stock. Any stock you have not managed to sell previously, that is just sat around taking up space and costing you money is a prime candidate for discounting.

5. One way that retailers achieve huge sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is by offering a huge discount on one particular item. This one item with a jaw dropping discount is used to lure customers in. Once they are in your store, they will often buy other items before leaving.

6. Create bundles. Bundles are a great way to easily sell multiple items, and make great gifts. They are also a good way to create the illusion of a saving. For example, you may have a lower margin on bubble bath, and so not want to discount much, but by putting a few together with a wash cloth that cost you pennies and presenting it in an attractive way, you can make a smaller discount appear much bigger.

7. Set up a Black Friday Sale category. Sounds basic, but it helps customers to easily see any special deals you have.

8. Check that your cross promotion bars are filled with relevant items. Cross selling is the key to increased profits, and in a sale your chances of cross selling are even higher than usual.

9. Decide your sales return policy. If you are going to implement a special returns policy for sale items, make sure you have this decided and written in listings and in the small print of any promotional emails.

10. Offer free shipping. If you don’t already offer free shipping, offer it on sale items. It is a well proven fact in sales psychology, that free shipping massively increases sales. During a sale, when people are looking for a bargain, this is more important than ever.

Make eBay’s active content policy changes work hard for your business.

As the way we use the internet changes, so does the online landscape. When people started to shop online, both retail and the way we use the internet changed irreversibly.

Many large retailers ignored online shopping. Many of the biggest high street retailers disappeared as a result. The future of retail seemed uncertain and people were fearful. But where there is change, there is always opportunity.

Change is Opportunity.

Internet retail was a new frontier. People taking their stores online were taking a brave leap. More than any other platform, eBay enabled people to start selling online.

Retailers who adapted to change and sold online prospered.

A new breed of retailer was rising up in this bold new retail landscape. Many starting out through eBay. The more dynamic and flexible they were to customer demand and buying trends, the more they grew.

Over the years, eBay has massively evolved and grown. Frooition have been working with eBay as certified designers for over eight years, and we have guided our clients though many policy changes in that time. With changes being made to eBay’s active content policy, here is our advice on how to make this time of transition a profitable one for your eBay business:

Take the opportunity to present a fresh new look to your customers

When you are busy running your own business, graphic design and visual promotion is often the first thing to become neglected. Internet shopping is highly visual. A fresh new look to your store and some new promotional graphics could be just what your business needs to encourage new customers and re-ignite the interest of old ones.

Review your supporting software

If you have been focusing on sales for the past few years and not made any changes to the design or functioning of your store, chances are that you may have out grown it. As sales increase, simplicity of functionality becomes more important. Features such as dynamic categories or drag and drop promotional graphics become invaluable time savers as a store grows.

Optimise for the mobile market

The majority of all online shopping is now done via mobile devices. That is why all Frooition designs are mobile compatible. Its certain that any seller who is not optimized for mobile will be missing out on a lot of sales. If your store is not already optimised for mobile, now is a great time to look at a fully responsive design.

Review your Descriptions

Although pictures and video sell items, removing active content serves as a great reminder that there is no substitute for a good description. When competitors are using the manufacturer’s standard description, a well written piece of individual text in your store could give you the edge.

Be ready to fill gaps in the market

Chances are, some of your competitors will have buried their heads in the sand and not allowed enough time to prepare for how their store will look and function post active content changes. A listing that relies on active content will not show, and so as a seller with an active content compliant store, you should be ready for a possible sudden increase in sales.

EBay is a worldwide market place. Changes to the active content policy will only help to make eBay stores more easily accessible and encourage customers. As with every change, the sellers who acknowledge it early and move to change, will be the ones who prosper.