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eBay Out of Stock Control for Good ‘Til Cancelled Listings

eBay Out of Stock ControlUPDATE: eBay now support this directly in eBay Site Preferences.

See: for more details

We are pleased to announce that the Frooition listing tool now supports the new eBay Out Of Stock Control feature.

Historically GTC (Good ’til cancelled) items were removed from eBay when their quantity reached zero, resulting in sellers having to create new items once they had restocked.

By using the eBay Out of Stock Control functionality sellers can keep their GTC items alive, even when the quantity reaches zero.  Items that have no quantity, which are therefore unavailable for purchase, are removed from the eBay search results but continue to keep their listing page to advertise themselves to buyers.

eBay Out of stock control


This feature is useful when sellers are waiting for stock of an item. Instead of ending the item and then recreating it when the stock arrives, sellers can use this feature to instead hide the item. When the stock arrives in stock simply revise the item quantity and the product is available for purchase!

Why use eBay Out of Stock Control for your listings?

  • The item retains the same item number
  • The item’s listing page is kept live
  • The count of items sold is preserved
  • The item is not removed from any buyer’s watch list
  • Exposure to other search engines is maintained
  • Sales history is retained – helping you with your best match ranking

The Out Of Stock Control is not available via eBay’s listing tool (sell your item page).

Sellers can only make use of it through third parties that have implemented it, including Frooition.

As a certified eBay provider, Frooition have made this functionality available to all users of our listing tool:

eBay Out of Stock Control

In addition, users who subscribe to the Frooition Bulk Revision tool have the ability to add this functionality to existing live eBay items.

For more information on how to use the new functionality please see the Knowledge base article.

Record Black Friday for Frooition clients selling on eBay

There is even more good news today for eBay sellers as Black Friday brought even more buyers to Frooition clients selling on eBay.

  • On Black Friday 2013 Frooition delivered 88.6 million listings on eBay
  • The busiest browsing time for Frooition listings on eBay was between 16:00 and 17:00 EST
  • The top 3 busiest Frooition clients on eBay were Microsoft, Target, Toys R Us
  • Mobile traffic saw a massive 130% increase over the same time 2012

eBay Give Sellers Free Pictures


In the eBay UK Spring 2013 Seller Release eBay announced that from the 1st August 2013 they would be offering all eBay UK sellers up to 12 product photos for any category instead of 1 free gallery picture.
From today sellers can enjoy more photos of their products when listing items. The inclusion of more photographs provides a much better description of your products and allows buyers to make a more informed buying decision. This will make seller’s lives easier by cutting down on returns, questions and disputes as well as improving buyer confidence in the products – ultimately leading to improved sales.
Sellers can now enjoy clearer listings and have more product confidence to purchase.
Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words!

Attention Froo! Template Themes Users:
This is a great benefit to Froo! Template Themes users as they will be able to pull all 12 images into the design template simply by applying design to their listings.




If you aren’t already a Froo! Template Themes user, click here to get access to over 5,700 templates and get 30 days free with no payment details necessary! Sign up for free here


Returns Policy Update :: August 2011

Customer Service and Buyer Confidence

In efforts to better meet buyer expectations and increase your sales, eBay are streamlining the seller return options. Buyers will be able to enjoy a simplified return policy with improved clarity.

Key Highlights

• Return window default changed from “7 days” to “14 days”
• Return options “3 days” and “7 days” will be removed streamlining return policies
• Refund methods “Merchandise Credit” and “Exchange” will be removed and replaced with “Money back or exchange”
• Clarification on “no returns accepted”
• These field options are Available from the 15th August 2011
• These options will become mandatory from January 2012

As a seller, how does this help me?

Balancing DSR’s is vitally important to attain a Top Rated Seller Status on eBay and equally important to increase customer satisfaction and generate further sales. With streamlined return policies, and a standard 14 day return window, shoppers will have improved confidence when buying from Sellers.
It’s fair to state, that a seller with a ‘14 day’ return policy, creates a greater perceived confidence in their products, than a seller with a ‘3 day’ return policy.
So, the longer the return policy, the more confident shoppers will feel, and the happier they will be to buy your products. This improved eBay experience will reduce the amount of seller complaints received from ‘unfair 3 day return policies’ and gives greater opportunity to satisfy customer issues, improving those all important DSR’s.

What do I need to do as a seller?

• Familiarize yourself with the new return policy options, available from August 15th 2011
• Start revising your existing listings including Good Till Cancelled to align your listings to the new return policy updates

Top Tips

• Test extending your return policy and see how buyer confidence increases and therefore your sales!
• Make your return policy transparent and readily visible to further improve confidence
Consider using a bulk revision tool to update all your listings on mass and save a huge amount of your time and money
• As a Frooition customer you don’t need to worry about a thing, our system allows you to revise your listings directly through our software and your Frooition World Leading Design, will automatically accommodate this change.

Check back tomorrow for the detailed article on ‘eBay Links Policy’ SR 11.2. (Article 2 of 10)

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eBay – Increasing your global reach?

eBay – Increasing your global reach?

As buyers, we love getting a great deal on eBay, but when it comes to buying global, nothing puts us off more than those pricey courier charges. Fortunately, eBay are increasing the number of available shipping options for both domestic and international shipping!
From the 1st June, eBay will be increasing the number of domestic shipping services from 3 to 4, and the number of international shipping options from 3 to 5! This is great news for eBayers, with more delivery services, it means more delivery options and overall, more competitive pricing.

As an eBay Seller, you will be able to specify carrier and cost for more international buyers, not only will this increase your reach on eBay and speed up the checkout process, but it should also help your DSR’s (Detailed Seller Ratings) by setting customer shipping expectations.

Key Highlights:

  • From the 1st of June, you will have the option to specify more international shipping carriers and costs in your listings.
  • Sellers who specify international shipping options will have greater exposure by being displayed in the main eBay search results.
  • Specifying international shipping options will become mandatory in August 2011.

What do I need to do as a seller?

  • Start using the new shipping options to add more value to your customers
  • As a Frooition customer, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We’ve already updated our systems so you can start updating your listings from the moment the update goes live.

Top Tips

  • Add more shipping options to your products. By doing so, your clients will have increased confidence in you as a seller. Not only will this increase customer confidence which mean more sales for you, but by specifying the carrier will help deflect customer pressure when things go wrong.
  • Get the best carrier prices you can. Start by calculating your average monthly parcel send and approach three different carriers to negotiate the best rate on your average monthly volumes.
    Remember, all is fair in love and carrier charges, play them off for the best prices possible!
  • Stay competitive; check your competitors carrier charges regularly to remain competitive.
    How we can help you

As a Frooition customer, you have complete peace of mind. We’re the only UK eBay certified Provider, which means our software is always prepared for these eBay updates, so you can start listing seamlessly the instant this new eBay update goes live.
Simply visit our website and contact us today to see how we can help you.

TameBay eBay Tools and Services Guide 2011

TameBay eBay Tools and Services Guide 2011

This month saw the launch of the TameBay eBay Tools and Services Guide 2011, which is the first comprehensive guide for all of the tools available to help you run an eBay business.

“Featuring detailed reviews of more the 35 professional eBay tools and services alongside listings of eBay’s own listing tools and services, the eBay Tools and Services Guide offers eBay sellers the ultimate resource for driving business through eBay and beyond.”

At Frooition we’re delighted to have our Advanced eBay Shop and Template design services as well as our productivity apps (Froo! Template Themes, Froo! Bulk Revision, Froo! Cross Sell and Froo! Smart Social) reviewed in the guide.

As an eBay business grows there becomes a need to simplify and automate many of the day to day tasks you will be undertaking. Everything from listing an item on eBay, printing and posting your sales, managing your customer communications and expanding your eBay business onto other marketplaces, your own website, shopping comparison sites and using paid search can be done manually. However the use of appropriate tools to manage these processes can automate the functions, perform tasks more effectively and save time and costs freeing you up to manage your business.

Many of the tools in the TameBay guide are little known apps which can make a huge contribution to the way you run your eBay business. Others are better known, but you may not have had time to fully investigate the products and services they offer. Whether it is a utility to make printing your labels and invoices automatic, or a fully fledged multi-channel ecommerce management platform TameBay have found the tool you need.

There are hundreds of applications and services, some of which are country specific but others such as Frooition are international applications available for multiple eBay sites. Wherever you are based around the world there will be tools featured in the guide that can help you grow your eBay business.

Best of all the TameBay eBay Tools and Services Guide 2011 is available as a FREE OF CHARGE PDF download from TameBay, as well as being available in print from Amazon and all good bookshops.

Launching today, Frooitions NEW Knowledge Base…

Launching today!

Our new open Knowledge Base will help you get the most out of your eBay and Frooition. Excitingly, our Knowledge Base system will be constantly expanding, drawing expert knowledge on eBay and the latest online selling tips for you. It’s no wonder we are so excited!

Jam packed with Videos, Tutorials and FAQ’s, our Knowledge Base system acts as first line support for any questions that you may have, being readily available whenever you’re online.

This fantastic service not only contains rich information so you can get the most out of eBay and Frooition, but also contains great articles regarding Online Selling to help you maximise your sales!

Key Highlights:

  • First Line Support Service
  • Available 24 hours
  • Open Knowledge Base for all to use
  • Rich in eBay support content
  • Rich in Frooition support content
  • The latest articles on Online Selling
  • IPHONE and IPAD friendly tutorial videos
  • Lots of new content added regularly
  • Feedback Driven System

Moderated by our dedicated support team, you can rest assured, knowing only relevant content will be added to this exciting new Knowledge Base.

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8 days to go…

eBay Catalogue

8 days and your listings might be changing! – eBay catalogue changes :: 20th April 2011

Buyers flock to eBay daily in search for the hottest deals. To help them find what they’re looking for, eBay have requested sellers listing in some Electronics and Media categories to match products from the eBay catalogue.

You can start listing or relisting your items right away (including Good ‘Till Cancelled) with the eBay catalogue, however you need to have updated all your affected listings by 17 May or risk having them ended.

To see which of your listings might be affected, follow the eBay link below:

Key Highlights

  • From 17th May 2011, sellers listing in certain Electronics and Media categories must list with a matching product from the eBay catalogue
  • Sellers can start listing or relisting items from the 8th April 2011 so they keep showing in the search results after the 17th May 2011
  • Listings not matched with a product in the eBay catalogue will be ended automatically. This includes (Good ‘Til Cancelled)
  • Values will be more descriptive, enabling sellers to give more accurate information on the condition of the item, resulting in fewer buyer questions
  • Item conditions need to be updated in selected media categories by the 9th May 2011
  • The condition value ‘used’ will no longer be an option in the media category from 9th May 2011, and can be replaced with values such as; like new, very good, good or acceptable

What do I need to do as a Seller?

  • Adopt listing your Electronics and Media products using the eBay Catalogue from the April 2011
  • If you have listings in Electronics and Media Categories that were not listed within the category, revise or relist them with the eBay catalogue before the 17th May 2011
  • Make sure your items are competitively priced to get maximum exposure
  • Use the most suitable item condition value with all of your new listings
  • Consider revising all of your existing listings with the new condition values
  • Consider the use of a bulk revision tool to make the update transition easier

How can we help?

With over 4 million live listings and a house full of happy programming experts we have produced an array of brilliant eBay tools, bulk revision is our top eBay listing tool, this tool will not only save you a huge amount of time reviewing listings (and labour costs), but it will also create more time for you to focus on your eBay business, helping you to increase sales. It’s no wonder it’s our most popular product!

Simply visit our website and contact us today to see how we can help you.

How To Take Great eBay Product Photos…

Apple for sale image

Images are more important today than ever before on eBay. Not only are gallery pictures in search results bigger, but the images can also be zoomed in and enlarged right from the top of the view item page. There are no real secrets to taking great photos, but there are some tips for optimizing your eBay pictures.

Almost any modern camera will suffice for taking eBay product shots, but try to choose one with a macro setting. The macro will allow you to take close up shots ideal for small objects such as jewelry and for displaying features such as the yarn on a knitted garment. Even modern mobile phones have high resolution cameras built in and if you have an iPhone you can not only take product shots although professional sellers will find it easier to use a camera.

“Remember your product photos are what sells your item. Great gallery pictures will make your listings stand out in search, detailed pictures in the listing will enable them to see all features of the product”

Make sure when you take your images that the product fills the frame. Move closer to the item rather than using the zoom feature on your camera if possible, and for smaller items don’t forget to enable the macro feature to avoid blurring. In order to eliminate shake the use of a tripod makes sense, but these are very inexpensive and often a mini-desktop tripod can be used. Even if you photograph larger products without a tripod you will definitely need one for macro shots.

When you take your product shots you need to ensure they’re at high resolution. eBay require a minimum of 1000 pixels length to offer the enlarge and zoom features to buyers. If you’re photos are cropped or reduced to smaller than this then buyers won’t be able to get a full screen image of your product.

Most cameras will take rectangular photos, but the images on eBay are best displayed as square pictures. If you use a rectangular shot then when your image is displayed in eBay search results it won’t take up the full 140×140 pixel area available. Cropping your photos to squares with a minimum 1000 pixel width is the ideal size and shape for eBay.

Lighting is all important, if you don’t have studio lighting which uses light bulbs emitting white light (normal lights and fluorescent tube lighting aren’t ideal for product images) then take photos outside. If you are taking photos outside a shaded area or a cloudy day produce better shots than full sunlight as the light is diffused avoiding strong shadows.

For larger items use back lighting as well as lights directed at the product, but never use your camera flash as this tends to create sharp shadows. Diffuse natural or artificial lighting is best and back lighting illuminates the back drop and avoids a white background appearing grey. Always use a backdrop where feasible or consider a photographic tent for smaller items.

Traditionally the kitchen table or kitchen floor has been the backdrop of choice for amateur eBay sellers, but apart from professional photos being more likely to achieve higher sales prices eBay are now using technology which mandates the use of a plain white background. In some categories such as handbags eBay offer to show the buyer “More like this”. In order to select similar shapes or colours eBay need the product to stand out clearly from the background so quality product shots can result in your item being promoted to more potential customers.

If you sell smaller items consider using your scanner instead of a camera. Scanners are an obvious choice for flat objects such as stamps, photographs and postcards. However they produce equally good results for coins, medals, some jewelry, beads, gemstones and other small items. Experiment with your scanner for best results.

Take multiple shots of your item from varying angles so that buyers can see as much detail as possible. Take pictures of labels, accessories and the original packaging if available. In some eBay categories such as clothing you can have up to 12 gallery pictures for free, but don’t forget even if there is only a single free gallery picture by using your FrooitionPro listing template you can display many more images within your item description for free.

If there is any damage or defects on your product make sure you not only describe them but take photos specifically of the damage. Whilst some buyers will want a perfect product many will be more than happy to accept seconds, and whilst a flaw to some may be unacceptable to others if they can see the damage they may be willing to accept it or even have the skills to repair the item. A picture is much more effective than words to enable buyers to assess the extent of any imperfections.

Finally consider using software to finish your photos. Software such as Photoshop (or the inexpensive Photoshop Elements) will enable you to process multiple photos in one operation. For instance you can resize all of your pictures at the click of a button. You can also correct any imperfections with software such as removing backgrounds to change average product pictures into great product shots. Software such as Bling! It is ideal for this task and unlike Photoshop is simple to use even for the inexperienced.

Remember your product photos are what sells your item. Great gallery pictures will make your listings stand out in search, detailed pictures in the listing will enable them to see all features of the product and the more buyers bidding for your items the higher your auction prices will be and the greater your fixed price items will be promoted in Best Match.