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eBay Out of Stock Control for Good ‘Til Cancelled Listings

eBay Out of Stock ControlUPDATE: eBay now support this directly in eBay Site Preferences.

See: for more details

We are pleased to announce that the Frooition listing tool now supports the new eBay Out Of Stock Control feature.

Historically GTC (Good ’til cancelled) items were removed from eBay when their quantity reached zero, resulting in sellers having to create new items once they had restocked.

By using the eBay Out of Stock Control functionality sellers can keep their GTC items alive, even when the quantity reaches zero.  Items that have no quantity, which are therefore unavailable for purchase, are removed from the eBay search results but continue to keep their listing page to advertise themselves to buyers.

eBay Out of stock control


This feature is useful when sellers are waiting for stock of an item. Instead of ending the item and then recreating it when the stock arrives, sellers can use this feature to instead hide the item. When the stock arrives in stock simply revise the item quantity and the product is available for purchase!

Why use eBay Out of Stock Control for your listings?

  • The item retains the same item number
  • The item’s listing page is kept live
  • The count of items sold is preserved
  • The item is not removed from any buyer’s watch list
  • Exposure to other search engines is maintained
  • Sales history is retained – helping you with your best match ranking

The Out Of Stock Control is not available via eBay’s listing tool (sell your item page).

Sellers can only make use of it through third parties that have implemented it, including Frooition.

As a certified eBay provider, Frooition have made this functionality available to all users of our listing tool:

eBay Out of Stock Control

In addition, users who subscribe to the Frooition Bulk Revision tool have the ability to add this functionality to existing live eBay items.

For more information on how to use the new functionality please see the Knowledge base article.

eBay Annoucements: Changes to revisions policy for Fixed Price

ebayAnnouncements have today announced that sellers can make certain revisions to fixed price listings even if they have a sale or pending Best Offer.

Sellers can now revise:

  • Title
  • Category (primary and secondary)
  • Best Offer status
  • Pictures

For items that have made a sale or have a pending best offer.

Find out more:

Record Black Friday for Frooition clients selling on eBay

There is even more good news today for eBay sellers as Black Friday brought even more buyers to Frooition clients selling on eBay.

  • On Black Friday 2013 Frooition delivered 88.6 million listings on eBay
  • The busiest browsing time for Frooition listings on eBay was between 16:00 and 17:00 EST
  • The top 3 busiest Frooition clients on eBay were Microsoft, Target, Toys R Us
  • Mobile traffic saw a massive 130% increase over the same time 2012

eBay Give Sellers Free Pictures


In the eBay UK Spring 2013 Seller Release eBay announced that from the 1st August 2013 they would be offering all eBay UK sellers up to 12 product photos for any category instead of 1 free gallery picture.
From today sellers can enjoy more photos of their products when listing items. The inclusion of more photographs provides a much better description of your products and allows buyers to make a more informed buying decision. This will make seller’s lives easier by cutting down on returns, questions and disputes as well as improving buyer confidence in the products – ultimately leading to improved sales.
Sellers can now enjoy clearer listings and have more product confidence to purchase.
Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words!

Attention Froo! Template Themes Users:
This is a great benefit to Froo! Template Themes users as they will be able to pull all 12 images into the design template simply by applying design to their listings.




If you aren’t already a Froo! Template Themes user, click here to get access to over 5,700 templates and get 30 days free with no payment details necessary! Sign up for free here


Returns Policy Update :: August 2011

Customer Service and Buyer Confidence

In efforts to better meet buyer expectations and increase your sales, eBay are streamlining the seller return options. Buyers will be able to enjoy a simplified return policy with improved clarity.

Key Highlights

• Return window default changed from “7 days” to “14 days”
• Return options “3 days” and “7 days” will be removed streamlining return policies
• Refund methods “Merchandise Credit” and “Exchange” will be removed and replaced with “Money back or exchange”
• Clarification on “no returns accepted”
• These field options are Available from the 15th August 2011
• These options will become mandatory from January 2012

As a seller, how does this help me?

Balancing DSR’s is vitally important to attain a Top Rated Seller Status on eBay and equally important to increase customer satisfaction and generate further sales. With streamlined return policies, and a standard 14 day return window, shoppers will have improved confidence when buying from Sellers.
It’s fair to state, that a seller with a ‘14 day’ return policy, creates a greater perceived confidence in their products, than a seller with a ‘3 day’ return policy.
So, the longer the return policy, the more confident shoppers will feel, and the happier they will be to buy your products. This improved eBay experience will reduce the amount of seller complaints received from ‘unfair 3 day return policies’ and gives greater opportunity to satisfy customer issues, improving those all important DSR’s.

What do I need to do as a seller?

• Familiarize yourself with the new return policy options, available from August 15th 2011
• Start revising your existing listings including Good Till Cancelled to align your listings to the new return policy updates

Top Tips

• Test extending your return policy and see how buyer confidence increases and therefore your sales!
• Make your return policy transparent and readily visible to further improve confidence
Consider using a bulk revision tool to update all your listings on mass and save a huge amount of your time and money
• As a Frooition customer you don’t need to worry about a thing, our system allows you to revise your listings directly through our software and your Frooition World Leading Design, will automatically accommodate this change.

Check back tomorrow for the detailed article on ‘eBay Links Policy’ SR 11.2. (Article 2 of 10)

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