Big Changes to eBay Product Research

eBay Product Research

If you’ve ever done product research on eBay, you’ve probably looked at the sales history of similar items to those you are considering selling. This information would have told you how many items have sold, how fast they sell, what price they sell at, and which variants sell the best. Unfortunately, this is no longer an option.

What’s Changed?

As of last week, you can no longer access the purchase history of an item on the listing page. It only shows the total number sold. Previously, you could click on this figure, and it would highlight the last 100 transactions for that item with the date sold and, for products with variants, details of which variant was sold. This figure is no longer a clickable link.

This change makes it much more challenging to conduct effective product research, as the total number sold could be in the last week or the last year! It may be the case that only one of the variants sells well, but you can no longer tell.

There is a Workaround

The good news is we have found a workaround for sellers wanting to access the sales history of a product for research.

Use the following link, replacing the text “enter-item-number-here” with the actual eBay item number that you want to look at:

This link will bring you to a page showing the sales history exactly as you were previously able to access directly from the listing.

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Guest Post by Vanessa McDowell