How To Set Up an eBay Store

set up an eBay store

Thousands of e-commerce millionaires have been made on eBay, and it’s still the easiest place for anyone to start an e-commerce business. Most businesses selling on eBay choose to set up an eBay store.

Advantages when you set up an eBay store

  • Lower insertion fees
  • Option to create good until cancelled listings
  • Access to marketing and sales tools
  • Monthly allocation of zero insertion fee listings
  • Promotions
  • Ability to use vacation mode
  • Manage auto feedback
  • Increase your branded space on eBay
  • Parts compatibility for motor parts sellers

Setting up an eBay store is very simple. First, you must choose what to sell. Then, you simply go to the eBay home page and click on the register link in the top left of the screen. You can sign up to eBay either as an individual or as a business, but you want to sell professionally and set up an eBay store, so you need to sign up as a business.

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If you already have a personal eBay account, you can change this to a business account and keep any good feedback you already have by going to the ‘my eBay’ section in your account, selecting personal information, account type and editing there.

Once you’ve signed up, there will be a link in your seller account dashboard prompting you to sign up to PayPal or link a PayPal account to your eBay account.

With your eBay account and PayPal now set up, you are ready to start buying and selling!

If you’ve never used eBay, it’s a good idea to first have a look around and familiarise yourself with the platform before you set up an eBay store. See how people sell things. Note the importance of good photography, detailed descriptions and full category information. Look at your competitors, see how they use listing design and what delivery and returns options they offer. Buy a few inexpensive items. This will help you to get some initial good feedback and help to familiarise you with how the buying process works for your customers on eBay.

Now you’ve bought a few things and built up some good feedback, you’re ready to list some items! Listing and selling allowances do apply to new accounts to help monitor selling practices, but if you are selling well and getting good feedback, those limits will quickly be lifted.

One of the reasons for eBay being such a celebrated disruptor is that people who would not have the capital to open a traditional business can set up an eBay store and start a business without investment. Many of eBay’s most successful sellers have started by selling things from around their own home. Even if you do have capital and stock, it is a good idea to start off by selling a few inexpensive items first. You’ll get positive feedback, learn about the selling process, and make some money while you’re doing it.

Now you have experience of both buying and selling on eBay, some good feedback, you’re ready to set up your eBay store.

There are three types of eBay store:

Basic Store  

Any eBay seller who is PayPal verified can open a basic store. Any seller listing more than 65 fixed price items a month should consider a Basic Store. It’s an easy-to-use and affordable solution for sellers who are just starting out. One major advantage with a basic store is that you get your own URL (for example so when you set up an eBay store, you can drive buyers directly to your store.

Featured Store 

If you’re a higher volume seller with more than 600 active listings per month, a Featured Store may be right for you. To open a featured store on eBay you must be registered as a business seller and have maintained an average 4.4 score or above over 12 months. With a featured store you get 1200 fixed price listings and a dedicated customer care team. You also gain access to Selling Manager Pro, which allows you to automate, improve, and streamline high-volume sales. Manage listings, sales, inventory, feedback, and customer emails in bulk. You also get discounted international listing rates.

Anchor Store

To open an anchor store you must have maintained a 4.6 score or above as a 12-month average. With an anchor store you get unlimited fixed price listings at no extra cost, a dedicated customer care team, and discounted international listing rates.

The fees you will be charged are a major consideration when you set up an eBay store. For sellers in the US, there are discounts when store fees are paid annually. Here are all of the 2018  fees for stores on and stores on

When you set up an eBay store, you don’t just benefit from reduced fees, you also benefit from the chance to further brand your business on eBay. The date when you set up an eBay store and the kind of shopfront you have will determine how much you can customize your eBay storefront. Frooition creates branded storefronts to compliment custom branded listing designs. If this is something you are considering, speak to a Frooition eBay expert to find out what is possible for your eBay store.