How to set your eBay store to holiday mode

Set eBay store to holiday mode

UPDATE: Using the Frooition eBay Listing Tool you can add custom boxes to your store and listings or even apply a Holiday template across all of your listings with one click!

The holiday season is upon us. A busy time for eBay. But once the rush has died down, and the last post has gone, many sellers set eBay store to holiday mode, and relax. If you are contemplating a little eBay down time this holiday season, here is how to switch holiday mode on;

1. Log in to eBay, scroll down slightly,and go to Manage my store on the left of the screen.

manage store

2. Go to Holiday settings in the left hand side bar.

Turn On (1)

3. Opt to turn on holiday settings.

Turn On (2)

4. If you want to put buy it now items on hold, click hide and block purchase.

5. Select display a return date and enter date in the box.

Note: When you set a return date, the default holiday message on the listings tells visitors that you will be away until the day before that. It may be useful to set it to the day after your actual expected return, to give you some time to settle back in.

6. Edit text in message to display on your store front.

7. Apply. You have now set eBay store to holiday mode.

8. Relax and enjoy some time away from eBay.

Once these settings are set, it can take several days for your listings to be hidden, and then several for them to appear again after holiday mode is switched off.