eBay.com Seller Release 13.1:: Shorter Unpaid Item Claim Filing

This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk.

EBay recognize that for many sellers time is money; the longer it takes for a seller to file a UPI (Unpaid Item Claim) the more is costs the seller.

As a result eBay are shortening the length of time before a seller can file an unpaid item claim from 4 days to 2 days, this will mean the seller can relist that item and make a sale 2 days sooner.  This will allow sellers to turn their inventory over more quickly and make more efficient sales.

Key Features:

  • eBay are reducing the waiting time before a seller can raise a UPI claim from 4 days to 2 days
  • Sellers can open a claim 2 days earlier
  • This feature will be automatically applied to all unpaid item claims

Live Date: TBA