eBay.com Seller Release 13.1:: Introduction of Same Day Handling

This Feature applies to eBay.com & eBay.co.uk.

EBay are introducing an option to offer same day handling times for sellers that can provide this level of service.

Currently sellers may be able to provide same day handling but have to state a minimum of 1 day handling to buyers, this means the buyer receives great customer service but the seller cannot shout about a feature that will put them ahead of the competition.

The same day handling time will allow sellers to set a 0 day handling time but also set a cut off time; so any items sold before 3pm will be eligible for same day dispatch, after 3pm it will be next day dispatch.

Key Features:

  • EBay will allow 0/same day handling as an option when listing
  • Sellers must enter a cut-off time – e.g. all orders before 3pm will be same day handling
  • Times will be based on sellers local time
  • The Frooition software supports this feature

Live Date: TBA