iwoca thinks smarta

Iwoca, a finance specialist for eBay sellers is in the runnings for the Smarta 100 Business of the Year awards – with your support they could be the winner!

Why support iwoca?

Should iwoca win, they have pledged to double the prize money to £20,000 and lend the money to 20 new online entrepreneurs completely interest free!

In addition, their partners are providing further support to each winner. Royal Mail liked the idea so much they’re throwing in a “I’m Ramping up my Marketing” package to every winner – these package are worth over £4,000 in total! Linnworks are also getting involved offering free tutoring on multi-channel sales and introduction into their starter package.

Frooition love iwoca’s Smarta thinking!

As we love the idea so much, Frooition the World’s Leading eBay Design company are offering a very rare and exclusive discount to all 20 entrepeneurs should iwoca win!

The winners can enjoy up to:

Premium Signature Design Solution
Ultra Rare One Off 30% discount Including 12 Months FREE Subscriptions

Professional Design Services
(Facebook Design, eBay Advanced & Top Seller Design, Magento GO Design, BigCommerce Design, Channel Advisor Design, Amazon Webstore Design)
Super Rare 10% Discount including 3 Months Free Subscriptions

Vote for iwoca today and show your business support!

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