PayPal’s new mobile wallet – Less time queuing more time shopping!


PayPal have just released a new and more fashionable way to pay with your mobile phone – PayPal inStore. This fantastic mobile app makes it easy for anyone with a PayPal account and an Android or Iphone mobile to pay at the checkout, pleasingly this means less time queuing and more time shopping!

This new cashless and cardless way to pay brings many benefits, here’s a few:

  • Less faffing at the checkout
  • You don’t need to carry cash on you for transactions
  • You don’ t need your bank cards for transactions
  • Overall less queue time (more time for shopping!)
  • Increased mobile app security with a 4 digit pin request every app launch and a 20 minute automatic log out
    And many more!

How does it work?

You simply launch and login to the app ‘Pay inStore’ to generate a unique barcode, the shop assistant then scans this barcode which in turns charges your PayPal account accordingly. You don’t even need a mobile signal or Wifi coverage to use this great app – so you can shop happily wherever you are in the UK.

Watch the video

Where can you use it?

You can currently use this great app in the following stores throughout the UK, with many more to follow in the coming months ahead:

Karen Millen

Want to know more – checkout PayPal Wallet here

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