When should you upgrade your eBay store?

On the 5th of May the new eBay.co.uk fee structure came into effect and this alters the financial viability of eBay shops. Under the old price structure it didn’t make financial sense to have an eBay shop until you had more than 75 listings. A Featured shop was suitable for those with between 234 and 7500 listings and above that level an Anchor shop subscription was recommended.

The new fixed price insertion fees are £0.40 insertion fee for sellers without an eBay shop, £0.10 for a listing with a Basic eBay shop (down from £0.20), £0.05 for Featured shops (no change) and free Fixed Price insertion fees for Anchor shops (down from £0.01).

If you have less than 50 fixed price listings then you will still be better off financially without an eBay Shop, but for sellers between 50 and 75 fixed price listings a Basic eBay shop now makes sense. As the insertion fees have been dropped to £0.10 for a Basic shop if you’ve never subscribed to one before it’s time to do so if you have more than 50 listings.

The one category where this doesn’t apply is media sellers who have a different fee structure of £0.20 for fixed price listings without an eBay shop. It makes sense for media sellers to subscribe to an eBay shop when they have more than 150 listings.

If you have more than 700 fixed price listings then you’ll be better off with a Featured eBay shop. Under the old fee structure a Featured shop was viable for sellers with more than 234 fixed price listings so many sellers who previously had a Featured shop will save money by downgrading to a Basic eBay shop.

If you use Selling Manager Pro then there is a £4.99 per month charge, but the fee is waived if you have a Featured or Anchor shop. This cost alters the calculation slightly making a featured shop worth upgrading to if you have more than 650 fixed price listings.

Sellers with more than 6000 fixed price listings will benefit from an Anchor shop – Although the cost is £349.99 you’ll get free insertion fees under the new eBay fee structure.

“There are only a few differences between a Basic eBay shop and a Featured shop. The most significant difference is the ability to display a minimal eBay header .”

There are only a few differences between a Basic eBay shop and a Featured shop. The most significant difference is the ability to display a minimal eBay header removing the site wide eBay search box. Minimal eBay headers are only available for Featured and Anchor shops.

Other differences are the number of custom shop pages available (5 for basic, 10 for featured and 15 for Anchor shops), the number of free email marketing emails you can send (1000 for basic, 2500 for featured and 5000 for Anchor shops) and less important as it’s gradually disappearing from the site promotion in “Related Shops” at the bottom of the search results navigation bar.

The one other difference between a Basic eBay shop and a Featured or Anchor shop is slightly more in depth Traffic Reports from Omniture.

Overall most sellers will see little benefit from a higher level eBay shop subscription other than fee savings, and in fact the majority of sellers make little use of the more advanced shop features. Unless any of the Featured or Anchor shop features are vital to your business then choose your eBay shop level based on the overall cost that fixed price insertion fees and shop subscription fees. Subscribe to a Basic shop when you have more than 50 listings, a Featured shop when you have more than 700 listings and an Anchor shop for those sellers with over 6000 listings.

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