Frooition Update: List directly to eBay Motors!

Frooition are delighted to announce that eBay sellers can now list directly to eBay Motors with the Frooition software!

This highly anticipated update means motor part sellers will save several hours listing, creating great looking listings with all the added benefits of listing to eBay Motors and added search functionality.

“Frooition have re-developed the listing tool to enable users to list directly to eBay motors”

What has changed?

Frooition have re-developed the listing tool to enable users to list directly to eBay motors and pull in all of the available fields, such as Manufacturers part number, part brand and placement.

Frooition have also incorporated the Motors Parts Compatibility functionality to enable users to state which vehicle a part is compatible with.

Frooition have also added the ability to search the eBay product catalogue for specific products, meaning you will get accurate descriptions whilst saving hours worth of work researching and writing your descriptions. The descriptions are then beautifully displayed within the Frooition template. The product catalogue will also allow users to import which vehicles a part is compatible with, again saving hours of research!

These features make it much easier for a customer to find your parts as well as being reassured that the item will definitely fit their vehicle.

So, what does this change mean?

It means that users can list directly to eBay motors from Frooition, previously motors users needed to grab the code from Frooition and then paste it into a different selling tool.

It also allows users to create more accurate listings, and open the listings up to more users through utilizing the full capability of eBay’s search functionality.

How do I use this new functionality?

The functionality has been enabled for all users so all you need to do is create a new listing profile and select eBayMotors from the “Listing to eBay Site” drop down:

See it in action:

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