eBay Listing Enhancements – Search Benefits

eBay Listing Enhancements – Search Benefits

eBay have a host of additional features you can use when listing your products for sale and some are under utilised when they could be increasing your sell through rate or adding to the price buyers are willing to pay for your items.

“There are a range of features available and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever use them all on one listing”

There are a range of features available and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever use them all on one listing, but they all have a specific benefit and most sellers will use most of the features on selected listings when there is a clear advantage which will generate more sales.

Item Subtitle

eBay titles are limited to 55 characters but by adding a subtitle you get an additional 55 characters to describe your item.

There are three main reasons why you might consider paying between £0.35 and £1.05 for this listing upgrade:

  1. Your run out of space when describing your item, for instance the full specification of a PC
  2. You want to provide important additional information to buyers e.g. warranty information and speed of shipping
  3. You want to make your listings stand out, simply by having a subtitle ensures that your listings takes up more space on the search results page and attracts buyer attention.

Featured First

If you’re struggling to get your listing to the top of Best Match search results then you can buy your way to the top with Featured First. Each time a user makes a search and your item is a match there’s a chance that it will be displayed right at the top of page one of Best Match search results.

You’ll share the spot in rotation with any other sellers who have purchased this feature and you should only need to use it for a short period of time – so long as you have a great product at an attractive price it’ll attract sales and you’ll soon be appearing at the top of Best Match based on the popularity of your listing.

Featured First costs between £44.95 and £134.95 so is only suitable for listings where you have deep inventory and aren’t going to run out of stock. It’s also generally more suited for higher priced items, although it can be used successfully for lower cost products if they sell in very large volumes.

(Featured First is no longer available on eBay.com)

Buy It Now

For one off items it’s can be tricky to get a good position in search results for fixed price listings as you’ll have no recent sales. However an auction gets guaranteed visibility as it will rise to the top of search results when it’s about to end. By adding a Buy It Now option to an auction you get the best of both worlds – guaranteed visibility and the option for a buyer to make an immediate purchase.

Listing Designer

There are very few reasons why you would want to use eBay’s listing designer, especially when it’s chargeable. If you do choose to use it then use eBay’s TurboLister and then Listing Designer is free.

Listing designer offers a range of basic templates which you can apply to your listing, but if you want a professional design that’s unique to you and is customised to your brand consider choosing a designer such as Frooition.

Scheduled Listings

There’s little advantage in listings fixed price listings at a specific time of day, but that’s not so with auctions. There are days of the week and times of day that are particularly good for auctions to end as it’s when people are most likely to be at their PC. There’s little point an auction finishing in the middle of the night and a prime time for auctions to end has traditionally been Sunday evening. Scheduling a listing for a specific start time will cost you £0.06, but it’s free if you subscribe to eBay’s Selling Manager Pro. (Selling Manager Pro is itself free if you have a eBay Featured or Anchor shop).

International Site Visibility

There are three ways to ensure your item is available to buyers on overseas eBay sites.

  1. International Site Visibility upgrade – if this is available for your listing you’ll see an option to have your item included in search results on other sites such as eBay.com and eBay.co.uk
  2. You can list directly on another eBay site, this is worth considering for sites where there are language differences as you can list in the language of your buyer.
  3. You can make your item visible on the eBay International Market, Make sure that your item is new, that you offer PayPal and that you add in postage prices to the countries that you’re willing to ship to.

Check back next week to see how eBay images can enhance your listings!