Social Meets eBay – How to use social sites to grow your eBay Business

Facebook is without a doubt a venue that every business should have a presence on. It’s easy to get set up with a business page, but it’s not immediately obvious how make money on Facebook. That’s all changed with Frooition as they can now enable you to sell right from your Facebook page.

If you’ve not got your business page set up on Facebook yet then you’re missing out. There are over 500 million active users on Facebook and that’s a huge potential audience for your business. To help you take advantage and make money from Facebook, Frooition have two distinct offerings, one for your eBay store and the other designed specifically for your website.

Your eBay store on Facebook

Once you have an official company page set up on Facebook, Frooition take over and design a store on a custom page for you. The store integrates with your Frooition Pro eBay design and pulls all of your eBay listings into Facebook.

“Potential customers can browse your eBay listings, search your eBay store and only when they click the buy button will they leave Facebook and be taken to eBay”

As well as designing the graphics on the Facebook to match your eBay shop all of your eBay listings will be displayed on Facebook. Potential customers can browse your eBay listings, search your eBay store and only when they click the buy button will they leave Facebook and be taken to eBay to complete the purchase.

Importantly all of the social aspects of Facebook are built into your store page, people browsing your store can “Like” or “Share” your store and they also have the option to “Share” individual listings with their other Facebook friends.

It’s worth encouraging people to “Like” your store as then when you make updates to your company Facebook wall your messages will be dropped into their Facebook newsfeeds. This means if you have exciting new products or seasonal items and if you’re having a discounted sale you can push that information to all those that have previously liked your company profile.

Your website on Facebook

Frooition’s other option for Facebook is the Website page. This is similar to an “About Me” page on eBay, and is your chance to tell potential customer more about your business and the specific products that you sell. Ideally you’ll link to your website categories rather than specific products as then whenever a customer clicks through to your website they’ll always find products that are available (Linking to a specific product is less desirable as if you are out of stock you’ve lost a potential customer who was ready to buy).

One really powerful option available through Frooition to capture customers is to offer a secret discount code only available to people who like your Facebook profile. Through some clever HTML Frooition’s design recognizes if someone has already “Liked” your page and if so displays the discount code. If a potential buyer wishes to utilize your discount then they’ll need to click the “Like” button to reveal it.

Getting people to like your Facebook company profile does two things, firstly it enables you to market to them through your wall posts which will then appear in their news feed. Secondly it lets you know exactly who your potential customers are, this will enable you to see how successful your Facebook profile is and exactly who is interested in your business.

Although you need to be a Frooition Pro customer to have your eBay store hosted on your company Facebook page you don’t have to be a current Frooition customer for them to design your Facebook website page.

What to do next

Like any marketing simply setting up your eBay store or a website page on Facebook won’t result in a sudden influx of customers, that’s something that needs to be worked at over time. Here are our top five tips to make sure your Facebook company page is a success:

  1. Encourage people to like your Facebook page. Add a link to your email signature and on all orders let your customers know that if they “Like” your page they can get a discount off their next order.
  2. Remember you have the ability to publish updates to the user and what appears on your wall will appear in their feed – make sure it’s interesting and relevant information about the field that you trade in and not always just promoting your products. You may consider adding a feed from your company blog as well as posting business updates.
  3. Share useful and interesting articles, links to events and resources that you find to further establish your credibility.
  4. Interact with your customers and post on their walls and respond to status updates and links that they put on their own wall.
  5. Be a real person, you may be running a company but people deal with people. Remember you’re representing your company but don’t be afraid to communicate on a one-to-one level. It’s not just the people you interact with that will be exposed to your comments but everyone that reads their news feeds as well

The potential of Facebook for generating business is only just starting, but you can get ahead of the game by setting up a company page and promoting your eBay store, your website or both.

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