Frooition Update: We Now Support eBay Product Catalogue & Prefilled Listings information!

Great news – Another new feature has been added to our Frooition software application!


eBay Item Catalogue:

Some categories – Film, Digital Cameras, and Mobile Phones are just a few examples – contain items associated with products in eBay’s growing catalogue. If you’re listing in one of these categories, you’ll be able to add product details from eBay’s catalogue to your listing description.

Besides saving you time and making it easier for you to list an item, this is a simple way to create a more appealing listing and help buyers find your items.

Using eBay’s Product Catalogue alongside Frooition eBay design now means you can show this catalogue information within your Frooition listing template!

More about prefilled information:

  • It’s free, and supported by eBay seller tools and third-party providers. You can use prefilled info in Turbo Lister and Selling Manager, but if you use a third-party provider you might want to double-check to make sure your provider uses this functionality.
  • It’s flexible. You can integrate prefilled information with existing listing templates, using it to complement existing product description templates.
  • It allows you to use stock photos. Sellers can use a stock photo for gallery pictures.

Helpful Links

If you’d like to more information on eBay’s catalogue, eBay have content up online which you can find links to below.

Below you will find links for and – if you’d like information for a different locale, simply search for multi-variations in the eBay help section.
eBay Item Catalogue:
eBay Item Catalogue:

Checkout the overview video here.