Making the Most of your eBay About Me Page

Lots of eBay sellers don’t even know about their About Me page. Even fewer actually take advantage of it and make sure it is working hard for them. Building a successful eBay profile is about using all the tools eBay makes available. If you’re not using your About me page, you’re missing a trick.

What IS an About me page?

It’s exactly what it says it says in the tin! A page for you to tell other eBayers about yourself, your business and the things you sell. You can make and edit your About Me page via My eBay. You don’t need any special skills but if you have some coding or design experience, so much the better.
Unusually for eBay, you can have a link on your About Me page that links to your personal website or blog but be careful. You are not allowed to link to commercial websites, promote off-eBay sales or link to items that are prohibited on eBay. You’re also not allowed to link to a search engine or site that aggregates the eBay sales of multiple sellers.  eBay have a full list of what’s allowed and what’s not allowed on the About Me policy page.

About Me Page Benefits

“There are two significant benefits to building an About Me Page. The first is SEO. The second is branding.”

There are two significant benefits to building an About Me Page. The first is SEO (search engine optimization). The vast majority of your buyers will come to you via eBay’s search but some will find you via search engines such as Google. It’s well worth remembering that anything you can do to attract more buyers from search engines is good news for the bottom line. You can also link to your About Me Page from other sites as you like, to improve the ranking of your About Me page in Google.
The second benefit is with branding. Ensuring that everything you do looks good and alike and is clearly identifiable as your business is vital when it comes to attracting repeat buyers, inspiring trust and providing a first class buying experience. Don’t forget that Frooition can help you with design and implementation of your About Me page and make sure it looks great!

Five things to include in your About Me page:

The good news for sellers is an About Me page is very flexible and can easily be personalized using HTML. eBay can help you build a basic About Me page but to get the full impact, pull out all the stops and make it a fully integrated part of your eBay brand. Here is an example of a great About Me Page.  

  1. Auto-generated components: eBay allows you to display your current sales, recent Feedback and even recent bids. So use the auto-generated elements to populate your About Me page easily.
  2. Pictures: You can include images and photos in your About Me page to bring it to life. You can host these images yourself, or eBay will do it for you.
  3. Words: To get the full SEO benefit of your About Me page make sure you have some text talking about your sales. Cram the text full of relevant keywords that will aid your findability on Google.
  4. Video: You can easily embed a video (hosted on Youtube, for instance) using HTML and that is certain to attract attention. It could be a showcase of your stock, a tour around your business or just you talking to camera about your business. It’s surprisingly easy to make a video, even with your digital camera.
  5. Your philosophy: In your item listings and also other eBay pages, you’ll talk about what you’re selling and how people pay and get a refund. An About Me Page offers the chance to be a bit less formal and more personal. Talk about why you got into eBay selling, spin a yarn about why you do it and how you like to trade.

How long will an About Me Page take?

Not long. And if you’re clever and reuse content like pictures and text that you already have elsewhere you could be up and running in a matter of minutes. If you want something more professional, it will take longer.
And the good news about your About Me page is that it’s a one-off job. There’s no need to constantly tweak and tinker: once it’s up and running you can just leave it be. Of course, if you change your brand or want to make changes, you can.