Tips to Increase DSRs Recieved from Buyers

Item as Described
Write full product descriptions including all relevant details, especially the condition of the item and any defects. Use Item specifics and include multiple pictures so that buyers can see exactly what they’re about to purchase. Don’t use generic stock product shots, especially for used items – show the buyer the product they’re actually going to purchase.


Make sure buyers know how to reach you with contact details in your listings, emails and dispatch notes. Use automated emails through Selling Manager Pro to keep buyers informed of when you receive payment and dispatch their product.

Postage time

Dispatch items as quickly as possible once they’re sold and paid for. The sooner a buyer receives their item the happier they’ll be. Offer premium postage options to enable buyers to select a low cost slow delivery or a next day service at a higher price. Remember to confirm the dispatch method used and inform buyers when they should receive their item to set their expectations.

P&P charges

Offer the most competitive postage rates possible, if you can consider free postage and include the cost in the purchase price of the item. Don’t forget to offer discounted postage for sending multiple items which may also increase sales.