Google & Yahoo collaborate in

Incase you haven’t yet heard, Google & Yahoo have launched a collaborative site Sitemaps provide webmasters and content providers to submit new and existing content to search engines. Unified

As any webmaster will know, publishing content to multiple search engines can be a somewhat tedious task, so this unified approach will bring a new standard, and a more efficient approach to submitting your website(s), and the search engine industry as a whole.

Just because a level playing field has been agreed in the form of, don’t expect to see the exact same result rankings when searching Yahoo or Google, as each of these companies still have their own search algorhythms and ranking criteria. However, submitting content to all Search engines that subscribe to this new standard will now have a common ground, making it both easier for publishers and for search engines to crawl and update your site.

Both google and Yahoo will continue to crawl websites and index using their own bots (slurp(yahoo) and googlebot(need I say it?)), but each engine will also use the sitemap submissions to assist this process.

Rumour has it Microsoft (MSN) has also accepted an invitation to support the new project, which now brings together the three big players in the search industry.

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