eBay Search Updates – video interview with eBays Eric Billingsley

I hear on the grapevine eBay are working on a few additions to the standard search functionality, and they’re calling it ‘Best Match’.

This had a short release earlier this week for testing, and has now been removed again as far as I can tell. The below picture shows how it would have looked:

ebay best match

Basically this feature allows for potential buyers to search against key factors, like best performing item based on hits, price, and a whole other list of factors.. Ultimately pushing for relevancy (I’m sure you all know the feeling of searching for an iPod and finding nothing but accessories?)

For anyone interested in seeing this and other eBay features in action, go view this video demo from Eric Billingsley, courtesy of The ScobleShow, you can see it here!

Also, I would recommend subscribing to the ScobleShow podcast if you’re interested in anything from new start up web based technology companies, right through to Sun Microsystems server technologies… lots of good info.

This update is based on eBay.com for the moment, but I should imagine if it’s a successful release it will not take too long to role out to the UK.
To note: The additional search option will be made optional, so will not impose such a threat to the core site.