eBay Express UK – Merchant Feedback So Far…

Just over a week after eBay officially released eBay Express (A Fixed-Price Marketplace for buying new items from multiple sellers through a single checkout), we’ve had a reasonable amount of positive feedback so far.

Like a lot of people, I’m really excited about eBay Express here in the UK – Mainly due to the look and feel of the Express site. The AJAX interface makes for a pleasant user experience, and the intelligent search interface is such an improvement. (i.e., when searching for an item using keywords for manufacturer, size, colour, material (etc etc), it breaks the search phrase into separate attributes, enabling you to modify each in turn.) Ultimately this makes any product a lot easier to find for a potential buyer, and of course delivers additional exposure and increases brand awareness also.

Personally I feel it’s about time eBay (or any other ecommerce marketplace for that matter) had a face lift with regards to not only the way Search, category & product pages display, but also the functionality behind them.

One last comment, any user of the ChannelAdvisor Merchant software will no doubt have noticed eBay Express options implemented in time for the UK release of Express, very smoothly done, and hats off to the CA Development team!