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eBay Multi Template

One account - Multiple Designs

Selling with multiple listing designs gives you the freedom to present your
business in multiple different ways or even sell as different businesses
from one eBay account.

  • Build positive feedback by selling in multiple categories from one
  • Strengthen brand affiliation and build trust with branded templates
  • Inspire customers with category themed templates
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Multiple template uses:

Frooition Multi-templates can be used for many reasons depending upon the client's requirements. We have selected a few common examples here and explained the reason for multi-templates. Multi-templates can be purchased with any eBay Design service, 4 templates are included with our eBay Infinity service.


Real Truck use 3 different templates for their top selling brands

Template Features:

  • Theme change based on brand
  • Differing brand videos
  • Additional description area for brand features

How are the templates applied?

The templates are automatically applied using Frooition Auto Apply based on the category they list to.


Vyair use multiple templates for the different languages (English, German, French and Italian)

Template Features:

  • Language changes for headers and links
  • Different terms and condition text in the seller info tabs
  • Only the German store categories are shown
  • Links point to the ebay.de domain

The templates are chosen at the point of listing in the Frooition eBay Software.


Midwest Aftermarket wanted different templates for different selling seasons. They had a normal, Black Friday and Christmas template. They Used Bulk Revision to apply the design to all their listings in a few minutes and switched them back after the holidays.

Template Features:

  • Theme change based for all listings to promote the holiday season
  • Different header & logo
  • Different Banners
  • Re-theming of the entire template

How are the templates applied?

The templates are applied in bulk, using Bulk Revision, at the client's leisure.

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