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Sellers often approach the eBay experts at Frooition with requests to help them sell across multiple eBay accounts. There are many legitimate reasons why an eBay seller may wish to operate more than one eBay account. However, sellers must also overcome challenges to successfully manage several eBay accounts. With more than 18 years of experience helping thousands of eBay sellers sell more, we’ve helped numerous sellers build and successfully operate their businesses over two or more eBay accounts.  

Most common reasons for operating multiple eBay accounts:

  • Different Business Niches:

    eBay sellers are nothing if not entrepreneurial and will often explore other opportunities in entirely separate categories. For example, a motors spares and accessories seller may discover a chance to source health and beauty or fashion items. Managing multiple eBay accounts allows sellers to list specific products with relevant branding.

  • New, Used, End-of-Line, and Returned Products:

    Sellers of brand new, premium-priced products might not wish to dilute their brand with used, end-of-line, and returned products. Having a second eBay account (or more than that!) allows these sellers to target buyers looking for different price points by purchasing pre-loved and distressed inventory. Frooition helps many famous brands operate “stealth” eBay accounts to manage end-of-line, distressed inventory and returns.  

  • Testing Selling Strategies:

    Sellers may want to try out different approaches to eBay selling. For example, one account for “pile them high and sell them cheap” listings, another account for higher priced products using eBay promoted listings campaigns.

  • Multiple Income Streams:

    Many businesses operate across multiple locations and may wish to keep their stock and income separate to gauge the success of individual operations. This approach is common practice with many of our sellers operating franchised businesses, regional depots, and charity shops. 

  • Geographic Location:

    For sellers operating across multiple geographic locations, it makes sense to target customers in their own language with a unique, localized service.

  • Business vs. Private Sellers:

    Just because you sell professionally on eBay doesn’t mean everything you sell is connected to your business. If you sell personal or household items, you will want this income to appear outside your business sales.


Are you interested in having multiple eBay accounts as you want to try selling new product ranges? Our free eBay Hot Product Finder will help you find the best selling products on eBay.


Are you allowed to have multiple eBay accounts? 

What does eBay say about operating multiple accounts?

eBay understands that many sellers require to work across multiple eBay accounts. However, there are restrictions. 

eBay’s multiple accounts policy states:

“Whether you have one account or more, eBay expects users to manage each of their accounts effectively to meet the highest buyer and seller standards. These standards and rules regarding performance, risk, and best practices are applicable for each account and help ensure a safe and positive experience on eBay.” 

What’s not allowed?

“Registering new accounts or using other existing accounts to avoid buying and selling restrictions, limits, or other policy consequences is not allowed”. 

More to consider:

Managing several eBay accounts can be tricky, especially when navigating eBay’s rules and regulations. Below are some essential things to keep in mind: 

  • eBay Suspension:

    Creating another eBay account is not a solution for suspended sellers. eBay can detect connections between your new and suspended accounts. This usually results in suspension of your new account. Therefore, sellers should resolve any prior account issues before opening new accounts. 

  • Linked eBay Accounts:

    Creating multiple eBay accounts under the same name and address, or even accessing them from the same IP address, can link the accounts together. If one account is suspended for any reason, your other accounts may also be closed down. 

  • Multiple Email Addresses:

    eBay requires a unique email ID for each account, so you’ll need a new email and user ID for each new account you create. 

  • Duplicate Listings:

    eBay doesn’t like duplicate listings. Duplicate listings may be flagged and de-ranked by eBay, even if the product is on different accounts or stores of one seller. 

  • No Cross-Promotion:

    While you can link to products within the same store, cross-promoting one store’s products on another store’s listing is prohibited on eBay. This is the case even if they are both your stores.

How Many eBay Accounts Can I Have?

There’s no limit, so long as you have a different email address for each and follow the rest of the rules above.

Can I have two eBay accounts with the same bank account?

Yes, you can have two eBay accounts with the same bank account and credit/debit card details. You just need a different email address.

You can also have the same name, address, or business details on a second eBay account, again you just need a separate email address.

How does Frooition support sellers with more than one eBay account? 

Frooition supports sellers with multiple eBay accounts through its Infinity eBay Design service and Freedom eBay listing software. 

  • Infinity eBay Design:

    The Infinity design package includes four eBay templates with individual designs. This means you can have separate branding for different product niches or listing types under one account . This enables sellers to tailor their listings to specific brand requirements, product niches, and languages. Easier than trying to operate multiple accounts!

  • Freedom eBay Listing Software:

    Frooition’s eBay listing software simplifies the process of listing to more than one eBay account. Also, through our dedicated partner network, the software is fully integrated with numerous multi-channel listing and management tools, helping you do more with less. 

eBay sellers can also benefit from Frooition’s free eBay listing optimization service.  This service scores eBay listings against proven eBay listing and design practices, offering actionable insight to improve your listings and sell more. If you are interested in having multiple accounts because you want to try selling new product types our eBay Hot Product Finder can help you find products already selling successfully for others.

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