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With Father’s Day just around the corner (June 18th), eBay has launched a dedicated landing page packed full of incredible gift ideas, including tools, sporting goods, personalised gifts, and other must-haves for dad.  

To help sellers celebrate the big day, the online marketplace has also shared a short guide to help sellers maximise the visibility of their items leading up to the big day. 

4 Tips To Selling More on eBay This Father’s Day 

Optimise Delivery for a Smooth Experience

Getting gifts on time is crucial for occasions like Father’s Day. eBay recommends fast, tracked delivery options to ensure a seamless delivery experience. This becomes even more important, considering many buyers tend to make last-minute purchases. In such cases, offering a paid express delivery service alongside your listings can be worth considering. Utilising fast, tracked delivery options provides more visibility to your buyers and also helps prevent “item not received” cases, offering you extra protection. 

Additionally, eBay tells us that by offering delivery within three days, along with a short handling time and fast delivery service, you can enjoy a 7% uplift in sales. 

Optimise Your Listings for Maximum Exposure 

The key to higher impressions and better conversions lies in optimising your listings. Here are some top tips to consider: 

  • Maximise your titles: Utilise all 80 characters available and include terms that align with what your buyers are searching for. 
  • High-quality visuals: Capture high-quality photos from every angle, showcasing any flaws or scratches to enhance your listings. Take advantage of eBay’s option to include up to 24 pictures for free, or even better, bring your listings to life with videos. 
  • Include relevant keywords: Tap into relevant search surges leading up to Father’s Day by including keywords like “Father’s Day” or “Personalised.” Remember to remove “Father’s Day” after the occasion has passed. 

Stand Out with Promoted Listings 

eBay’s suite of Promoted Listings products offers a powerful way to make your items stand out on eBay. Based on seller feedback, the online marketplace has recently introduced Broad match, a new keyword match type available for Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns. Remember to set Father’s Day campaigns to end a few days before June 18th to account for potential delivery delays. 


Engage Potential Buyers with Promotions 

Leverage the following promotion types through Seller Hub to capture the attention of buyers in the lead-up to Father’s Day. In 2021, approximately 44% of transactions featured at least one of eBay’s promo tools: 

  • Offer to Buyers: Engage interested buyers by sending them a reduced price on your listing or providing them with the opportunity to make their best offer. Personalise your message to add a personal touch. 
  • Order Discounts: Ideal for complementary items, such as golf tees with golf balls. Offer quantity discounts like “Buy two, get a third free” or threshold discounts such as “Spend over £100 and get 20% off.” 
  • Multi-Buy: Provide tiered discounts for buyers purchasing multiple quantities of the same item. This tool is perfect for lower-priced items that are frequently bought or purchased in larger quantities. 
  • Coded Coupons: Offer buyers a discount through a coupon code. Share these coupons publicly on eBay or privately through your own marketing channels such as social media. You can also print coupons and enclose them with orders. Start including coded coupons in your orders now to cater to customers searching for gifts. 

eBay Optimisation – Not Just for Father’s Day 

All of these optimisation strategies are simple eBay listing best practices that can and should be used throughout the year.

Optimising your eBay listings starts with understanding how your listing currently performs in terms of eBay search. 

To learn more about how eBay views your current listings and how you can make simple changes to improve your visibility and sales dramatically, check out Frooition’s free eBay Listing Optimisation tool. 

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