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eBay UK has announced that it is expanding its ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ programme to cover kids’ branded sneakers costing more than £100.

The authenticity program already covers adult sneakers, luxury handbags, and watches, and eBay intends to expand it to encompass more categories. This initiative aims to drive growth in high-value categories by positioning eBay as a reliable platform for the resale of high-quality and luxurious products.

Kids’ Designer Sneakers and Streetwear

The decision to enter the market for children’s shoes is in response to the designer sneaker and streetwear industry undergoing a demographic and economic transformation.

According to the online marketplace, the demand for popular shoe styles like ‘Kids Nike Dunks’ has surged by nearly 140% over the last 12 months. Similarly, brands like New Balance have seen searches for kids trainers seeing a 100% spike in searches.

By 2026, the Global Children’s Shoe market is projected to increase by $5.3bn, demonstrating the growing worth of kids’ footwear. It’s worth noting that 68% of parents invest more money in their kids’ fashion than their own, with 85% of them insisting on verifying the authenticity of designer kids’ clothing before making a purchase to ensure that they’re getting high-quality, reliable products.

How eBay’s Authenticity Programme Works

The process of guaranteeing the authenticity of sneakers on eBay involves several steps. Once a purchase is made, the seller sends the shoes directly to eBay’s authentication centre, where they undergo a thorough, multi-point physical inspection conducted by independent inspectors. The authenticated sneakers are then shipped to the buyer via expedited shipping.

The authentication process involves confirming that the sneakers match the listing title, description, and images and subjecting them to a detailed physical inspection. In addition, to provide assurance to buyers, an eBay tag equipped with NFC chip technology is attached to the sneakers, confirming their authenticity and increasing their collectability and resale value.

The authentication process is performed by eBay’s expert authenticators, who follow a robust checklist of product specifications and use best-in-class processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency. They thoroughly inspect the box, shoes, and accessories, underscoring eBay’s commitment to meeting buyers’ expectations.

If an item is returned, eBay’s sneaker authentication program ensures that the exact item sold is returned via a verified returns process. The returns are shipped back to the authentication centre, where the experts verify the item and its condition before returning it to the seller.

A Gold-Plated Service for Sneakerheads

Commenting on the launch of the latest authenticity guarantee service, Wahaaj Shabbir, Head of Sneakers at eBay UK, said, “As a sneakerhead, the guarantee of authentication is key, no matter what age or shoe size you are. On eBay, we’re seeing more parents flock to kit their kids out with the latest drops and even purchase matching pairs for themselves. Passion for sneakers is passed down through the generations of a family, and I’d like to think sneaker collections will be the next modern family heirloom. As these smaller sizes boom, we want to make sure they receive the exact same trust and gold-plated service through our ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ programme.”

An Optimised Service

eBay’s authenticity guarantee service is just one example of how the company attempts to optimize the online marketplace’s buying and selling experience.

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