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eBay is taking action to combat fast furniture and promote sustainable homewares by launching its ‘Better Than New Homeware’ Hub. This curated destination encourages consumers to consider pre-loved items first when updating their interiors, whether it be vintage, refurbished, or repaired furniture.

The move to change consumers’ perception of second-hand furniture follows the online marketplace’s successful campaign to promote pre-loved fashion, including high-profile partnerships with reality TV stars and influencers through the sponsorship of ITV2’s Love Island.

eBay Research

Research from eBay UK shows that the average person refreshes their home around three times a year, but only 14% are buying more second-hand furniture now compared to two years ago. The Hub aims to make it easier for people to choose sustainable homewares and be creative with their homes.

By opting for pre-loved items, consumers can save on stylish pieces and reduce the impact of fast furniture, which sees around 22 million pieces of furniture end up in landfill each year in the UK.

eBay’s pre-loved Home & Garden purchases over the past year have resulted in 6.5 million kg of avoided waste, which is equivalent to 520 double-decker buses.

Slow Down Fast Furniture

Speaking to journalists, Rachel Miles, Head of Home & Garden at eBay UK, said: “In a similar vein to the way we’ve celebrated pre-loved fashion through our partnership with Love Island, we’re now turning our attention to help ‘slow down’ fast furniture by demonstrating the style, value and environmental benefits of second-hand furniture and home accessories available on eBay.

“This new Hub places a much-needed spotlight on the impact fast furniture is having on our planet and showing shoppers there’s a better way to refresh the home without creating more waste. Customers will be able to find a wonderful assortment of items from sofas to lighting with lots of character that support the fight against fast furniture and correct existing perceptions around affordability.”

Resourceful Living

eBay hopes to inspire more people to embrace pre-loved furniture by teaming up with interiors expert and author of Resourceful Living, Lisa Dawson.

Commenting on eBay’s latest initiative, Lisa said: “The move to ‘slow’ homewares is something I’m really passionate about – we need to be more considerate with what we’re buying, reusing and repurposing vintage pieces as much as possible. I always head to eBay when I’m planning a new addition to my home and have found some really amazing and stylish pre-loved pieces – from vintage sideboards right through to flokati rugs and pearl-handled cutlery. Using eBay as a first stop when adding to your space is a more sustainable move – the recycling of interiors, buying less, and buying carefully is an all-around winner, limiting landfill and being kinder to both the environment and, ultimately, to our pockets.”

Successful Listing Strategies

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