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A picture might be worth a thousand words in any other industry, but in the fashion industry, those images are priceless. Nothing will sell a garment faster than a good image. However, in the world of pre-loved fashion, those images aren’t just about selling a look. Instead, they are about setting customer expectations, building trust, and persuading customers that their investment in pre-loved fashion is a wise choice.

eBay Listing Best Practices

eBay listing best practices dictate that each pre-loved fashion listing should be supported with a minimum of 12 images. This strategy won’t only help your customer make an informed buying decision. It will help your listings be found in eBay search.

If the thought of taking 12 images for every listing seems like a lot of work, we suggest you break down the process into a system that is easy to follow and highlights the benefit of each image. With this approach in mind, we’ve created a simple guide to producing at least 12 images for every garment listing you post to eBay.

How To Take 12+ Images For Every Listing

  1. Front View: A standard front view of the product, ideally showing how the product will look as worn.
  2. Side Views (x2): A shot of the left and right sides of the garment will show any design features that differ on either side and showcase any defects.
  3. Back View: Showcasing how the garment looks from behind.
  4. External Branding: Who doesn’t love a logo?
  5. Internal Branding: For when branding is a little more subtle.
  6. Lining: Sometimes, the thing that makes a garment really stand out isn’t always visible from the outside.
  7. Pockets: Very important as these are areas where customers might expect to see defects.
  8. Buttons and Zips: Helps showcase the quality of the garment and highlight any defects.
  9. Detail: Close-up detail of stitches, seams, hems, etc., can really highlight the quality of a garment.
  10. Internal Labels: Highlighting fabrics and garment care.
  11. Defects: This is all about reducing returns. A garment doesn’t have to be perfect to be sold on eBay, but you do need to tell the potential buyer of any defects.
  12. Measurements/Size Charts: These are always useful, particularly when you include a comparison of international sizes.

Build a Routine

While creating 12+ images for every garment might seem a bit of a chore, this job will become second nature if you develop a routine.

Having a dedicated space in your office or warehouse for taking images, complete with suitable lighting and mannequins to display the garment, will help. Then it’s just a case of working through the above checklist of desirable images.

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