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eBay has announced the launch of dynamic ad rates for its eBay Promoted Listings Standard (PLS) advertising platform. Dynamic ad rates helps sellers stay competitive by automatically adjusting ad rates to match eBay’s daily suggestions. The move is designed to help eBay sellers save time and effort by removing the need to manage their advertising campaigns manually.

Ad rates are set by the percentage sellers are willing to pay of the total amount their item sells for (including shipping, taxes, and other applicable fees). Ad fees are applied to promoted items that sell within 30 days of a click on a promoted listing.

Staying in Control of Your eBay Ads

Sellers can select how they’d like to manage their ads – dynamically or fixed.

The dynamic ad rate will automatically adjust ad rates based on eBay’s daily recommendations. Meanwhile, the fixed ad rate allows sellers to manually select an ad rate that will not change without the sellers’ input.

Highlighting the value of automating the bidding process, a blog post on eBay Ads website said:

“Keeping your ad campaigns competitive in an ever-changing marketplace can be time-consuming. The dynamic ad rate strategy offers you an effortless way to secure high visibility placements by automatically adjusting your ad rates to match eBay’s daily suggestions, removing the guesswork of having to choose an ad rate strategy and simplifying the manual campaign management process.”

Should I Automate My eBay Ads?

This will depend entirely on the categories you are selling in and how confident you are that you can still make a profit on your items with a higher percentage fee. However, there are options available to sellers to ensure dynamic ad fees don’t break the bank.

Sellers can set a maximum percentage fee to ensure their ad rates continue to deliver an acceptable margin.

Sellers looking to adopt a more advanced strategy, and test how bidding slightly more or less than eBay’s recommended rates impact their visibility and conversions, can set this to run automatically with their dynamic ads.

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