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Regardless of whether your peak trading period falls during the last three months of the year, the summer months, or rides on the back of the good intentions that come with the new year, few businesses aren’t impacted by seasonality. Therefore, having the ability to look back at your historical sales data is vital to ensure you are making the right decisions moving forward.

Historic sales data doesn’t only help you make informed stock-purchasing decisions. It enables you to better manage resources in your business, like customer services, warehousing, staffing levels, cash flow, and marketing.

Sales Trends

But for historical sales data to be really useful, it needs to show trends.

Data that goes back 12 months only tells you about your situation last year. It won’t tell you if sales trends are going up or down and whether you should attempt to sell more or reduce your risk in a particular product line. So the fact that eBay previously only let sellers access 90 days’ sales history was a big problem.

The good news is eBay has listened to its sellers and expanded its order history view from 90 days to 2 years.

View Historic eBay Sales Data

Sellers can now access comprehensive sales data via their eBay Seller Hub, where they can:

  • Filter 2 years of orders using the date filters: this year, last year, and custom date search dating back to 2 years
  • Download a CSV order report for 2 years
  • Re-engage and market to past customers by sending them coupons

Alternatively, sellers who have yet to switch to eBay Seller Hub can access up to 2 years of data through My eBay, where they can:

  • Filter 2 years of orders using the date filters: this year, last year

While eBay sales data is now available for up to 2 years in Seller Hub and My eBay, access to buyer and recipient Personally Identifiable Information (PII) has been restricted to 90 days to protect buyer privacy.

Knowledge is Power

Data gives you more control over your business, helping you to make more strategic business decisions. To learn more about how Frooition can help you access the kind of data you need to sell more, book a free 15-minute discovery call with one of our eBay experts.

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