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eBay has announced that it has acquired 3PM Shield, a provider of advanced AI-based marketplace compliance solutions, to enhance the online marketplace’s monitoring solutions which prevent the sale of counterfeit items, unsafe products, and illegal goods.

The announcement is part of eBay’s ongoing commitment to providing sellers and buyers with a safe and trusted platform enabled by technology. The 3PM Shield acquisition enhances eBay’s ability to address suspicious or harmful seller behaviour and the sale of potentially problematic items.

A Trusted Sales Environment

Speaking to journalists about the acquisition, Zhi Zhou, Chief Risk Officer at eBay, said, “It is a top priority to help ensure that eBay remains a safe and trusted environment for our global community of sellers and buyers, particularly to prevent counterfeits and unsafe or illegal products. PM Shield has been a valued and effective external partner in helping eBay tackle these challenges and we look forward to unlocking additional capabilities as we bring their technologies in-house.”

Highlighting how 3PM Shield will add value to eBay, Robert Dunkel, founder and CEO of 3PM Shield, said, “3PM Shield was founded to provide next-generation eCommerce monitoring to protect trust in the buyer and seller relationship. We’re proud to partner with eBay, and I am excited that eBay’s investment will help us accelerate the impact of our cutting-edge technology to combat counterfeits, unsafe products, and illegal items.”

Good News for Buyers and Sellers

eBay’s continued investment in building and maintaining a trusted and safe environment is good news for buyers and sellers. Buyers want to know that the products they buy are legitimate and safe. Sellers want to see that they are not competing with sellers of fake goods.

By guaranteeing a more trustworthy sales environment, eBay will be able to attract more non-traditional online marketplace buyers and sellers, including those interested in luxury goods and high-value items.

Build Trust

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