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eBay has warned sellers in multiple categories that their products may lose visibility in eBay search if they do not update their listings with new item specifics before a deadline of February 22, 2023.

With the vast majority of sales on eBay initiated via the online marketplace’s search engine, sellers must do everything in their power to ensure their listings comply with current listing best practices. This includes careful use of item specifics.

What eBay Categories Will This Impact?

The ruling will impact sellers in the following categories:

  • Collectables (Figurines): Download details
  • Parts & Accessories (Motorcycle, Scooter, and UTV/ATV): Download details
  • Home & Garden (Candles & Home Fragrance, Home Décor, Pillows, Furniture, Window Treatments & Hardware): Download details

Will This Impact Promoted Listings?

In short, yes!

eBay recommends that you fully optimise your listings before promoting them.

Throwing money at a poorly listed item is never a good idea. Item specifics help eBay identify relevant products based on specific search criteria. How can eBay guarantee search relevancy if you have not included all the applicable item specifics in your listing?

Successful sellers understand that eBay search is not a numbers game. Irrelevant search results will not increase conversions and ultimately damage the marketplace’s reputation, which is in nobody’s interest. When you understand the importance of relevance in search, you will appreciate how essential item specifics are to the process.

eBay Listing Best Practices

The days of listing a product and forgetting about it are long over.

This latest mandate is part of eBay’s ongoing commitment to improving customer experience on the platform. As a seller, you must keep up with these listing best practices.

Failure to commit to an ongoing programme of eBay optimisation will result in your sales falling off a cliff.

How Healthy are Your eBay Listings?

Knowing that you need to keep up to date with eBay listing best practices is one thing.

Keeping up with eBay listing best practices is another thing. Understanding the current health of your listings in terms of eBay’s listing best practice is a vital first step in the process.

Frooition’s free eBay Listing Optimisation Report is a great place to start.

Alternatively, book a 15-minute discovery call with one of our eBay experts to learn how we can help you can make your listings more compliant, optimise your customers’ experience, and sell more.

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