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eBay’s pre-loved fashion ambassador Tasha Ghouri has launched a new eBay store designed to bring a little glitz and glamour into everyone’s life this Christmas. The “Store of Pre-Loved Sparkle” features more than 100 items, including pre-loved sequin dresses and accessories, as ‘good as new’ refurbished tech products, and pre-loved luxury handbags and watches covered by the online marketplace’s Authenticity Guarantee.

Sustainable Shopping

The former Love Island star’s new store is all part of eBay’s commitment to helping consumers make more sustainable shopping choices this holiday season.

According to research by eBay, sequin dresses are typically only worn once or twice and often thrown away after just one wear. By working with such a high-profile social media influencer, eBay hopes that consumers will consider how pre-loved fashion items can be given another outing and reduce sequin waste.

Sequin Waste

According to the charity Oxfam, sequin waste can have a significant environmental impact.

Sequins are typically made of plastic and don’t biodegrade. Unfortunately, this means they will pollute landfill sites, damage the environment and potentially harm wildlife for many years.

It has been estimated that UK shoppers will purchase 33 million sequined garments and accessories at a cost of £415 million this festive season. Seven million of those sequined items will end up in landfill.

Pre-Loved Gifting

eBay believes that 52% of UK shoppers are planning on buying second-hand, pre-loved and refurbished items this Christmas. It’s also estimated that 59% of people would actually prefer to receive a pre-loved item than something new.

As a result of these changing attitudes, eBay has committed to shifting its focus from the promotion of new items via big sales events like Black Friday to promoting more sustainable shopping habits. In addition, by working with aspirational influencers like Tasha Ghouri, they hope to change more people’s perceptions of the appeal of second-hand and pre-loved items.

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