eBay has announced the release of new features to its Promoted Listings Advanced (BETA) advertising service. The changes are designed to enhance eBay sellers’ ability to reach more buyers from eBay searches.

The online marketplace has expanded the number of available slots at the top of eBay search results, creating more opportunities for sellers’ listings to reach interested buyers. Previously, only the top slot of search could be targeted. Therefore, this expansion means even more opportunities to scale the visibility of your listings.

Because both Promoted Listings Standard ads and organic listings are still eligible to appear in the top 4 slots, it is essential to optimise your listings to ensure that you have the highest quality listings for the best chance of appearing in these placements.

New Features

As well as expanding the number of available top slots, eBay has also launched the following new features:

  • Updated Reporting: The updated search query report now shows all of the keywords and buyer queries that sellers’ listings appeared for in one place. This information will give sellers a clearer understanding of their campaign success and reduce the need to download additional reports.
  • Negative Phrase Match: Enabling you to select specific keywords or phrases for which sellers don’t want their listings to appear alongside in search results. Negative phrase match gives sellers more control and guarantees that their listings will only be shown against relevant searches.

Learn More

To learn more about how eBay Promoted Listings can be used as part of your more comprehensive eBay listing optimisation strategy, book a free 15-minute discovery call with one of our eBay experts today.

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