eBay has announced a partnership with FedEx to simplify the process of selling authenticated sneakers on its US marketplace.

Starting in October, eBay will enable sneaker sellers using the sneaker authentication service to print a FedEx shipping label to ship their sneakers to authentication centres free of charge.

When sneaker sellers use this free service, they will also benefit from loss and damage protections if anything goes wrong during the first leg of shipping to the authenticator.

Free FedEx Shipping Labels

Free labels can be printed at your home or workplace using eBay Labels from your desktop or the eBay app.

If you don’t have access to a printer, eBay Labels can automatically email you a QR code which can be used to print a label at participating FedEx locations. FedEx offers eBay sellers more than 2,000 drop-off locations across the United States.

FedEx clients can also schedule pickups directly from their account.

To take advantage of this new, free service from eBay and FedEx, sellers will need to meet eBay’s new handling time requirement and ship your Authenticity Guarantee-eligible sneakers to the authentication centre within three business days or less.

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